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CF Montreal failed miserably in their bid to defend the Canadian league title by losing 4-0 to Toronto FC at BMO Field last night in the Canadian league semi-finals.

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This means that there will be no Champions League for Bleu-blanc-noir in 2023.

Completely downgraded, Montreal did not present a brighter face than the defeat to Austin on Saturday.

Ayo Akinola leads the charge with a brace (40And and 54And minutes). Jesus Jiménez (75And) and Alejandro Pozuelo (78And) were the other scorers. Goalkeeper Quentin Westberg took the disqualification.

Oddly, Toronto will play a second Canadian championship final this year as the 2020 final was recently resumed against Hamilton.

Bad start

Wilfried Nancy’s team got off to a bad start giving Jayden Nelson a big chance from the first minute.

It must be said that we were treated in a hybrid lineup with a few veterans (Rudy Camacho, Alistair Johnston, Samuel Piette, Romell Quioto) and several young people.

There was no cohesion at the start of the game between players not used to playing together.

Things calmed down afterward, but not to the point where the attack unfolded. The team were imprecise in the opposition area, particularly Zorhan Bassong, who often had the ball in the left lane, but whose crosses did not often pay off.

This sums up the first half, during which Montreal dominated possession without the attack benefiting from it.


Despite the entry of Kei Kamara and Ahmed Hamdi early in the second half, the visitors were no longer restless.

After opening the mark at 40And minute after a Bassong turnover, Akinola doubled his offensive power by beating Camacho and Robert Thorkelsson in 54And minute.

The Montrealers failed to adapt even though nothing worked for them in this game.

Admittedly, in attack it is much more complicated without Djordje Mihailovic, who is the creative force of the attack.

♦ CF Montreal will play their next game on Saturday when Charlotte visits the Stade Saputo.



D. Westberg.


L. Petrasso, K. Thompson (replaced by J. Marshall-Rutty at 73rd), S. O’Neill, C. Salcedo, L. Petrasso (replaced by J. Shaffelburg at 80th).


J. Nelson (replaced by J. Perruzza at the 80th), A. Pozuelo, R. Priso-Mbongue (replaced by J. Osorio at the 62nd), M. Bradley.


J. Jiménez, A. Akinola (replaced by C. Mavinga in the 73rd).



J. Pantemis.


G. Corbo, R. Camacho, R. Thorkelsson.


A. Johnston, M. Choinière (replaced by Ahmed Hamdi at 46th), S. Piette (replaced by M. Miljevic at 68th), Z. Bassong (replaced by K. Kamara at 46th), J. Kwizera (replaced by J. Torres in the 76th), Koné.


R. Quioto (replaced by Z. Brault-Guillard in the 76th).


TORONTO: A. Akinola 2 (40th and 54th), J. Jiménez (75th), A. Pozuelo (78th).


MONTREAL: Camacho (67th), J. Torres (84th), M. Miljevic (88th).






















News bulletin

Kei Kamara

Photographic archive, Pierre-Paul Poulin

Kei Kamara

7.5 / 10 | Samuel Piette

  • He played well in defense with several interceptions and also had a chance to score.

7/10 | Alistair Johnston

  • The best of Montreal defenders, he should have had as many balls to play as Zorhan Bassong.

6.5 / 10 | Romell Quioto

  • We don’t involve him enough in the game and he doesn’t really affect the game.

6.5 / 10 | Rudy Camacho

  • He blew hot and cold with some nice defensive interventions as he was caught out by Ayo Akinola’s goals.

6.5 / 10 | Kei Kamara

  • It failed to bring the spark of change.

6/10 | Ahmad Hamdi

  • He has fought a lot, but his energies are not always well spent.

6/10 | Gabriele Corbo

  • Not as effective as in its recent versions. He got busted a couple of times.

6/10 | Mathieu Choiniere

  • He only played the first half and didn’t have many successes.

6/10 | Robert Thorkelsson

  • He was caught out by Akinola’s second goal and his positioning was not always adequate.

5.5 / 10 | Giacomo Pantemis

  • The keeper was caught on the wrong foot on Akinola’s second goal. He found himself alone, abandoned by his defense.

5.5 / 10 | Ismael Koné

  • He has a tendency to slow down the game too much when he has the ball rather than relying on his technical qualities.

5/10 | Zorhan Bassong

  • He committed many ball losses, including the one that led to Akinola’s first goal. He didn’t know how to take advantage of the offensive balls he had.

5/10 | Jojea Kwizera

  • A first start that was not easy for the young man who was invisible except for a few brief possessions. In the left corridor in the second half it was a little better.

Bad in transition

Since returning from the international break, we have the impression of seeing CF Montreal again since the beginning of the season. The one who has no solutions when things are complicated.

“At the moment, when we concede the first goal, we have a hard time coming back. But we have already experienced this in the past and have returned to it, “agreed Wilfried Nancy in videoconference after the defeat.

According to the manager, his team was too generous on defense.

“We conceded easy goals, we need to be more aggressive. “

“We have just hit rock bottom against our rivals, we weren’t good enough on the defense and offensive and we have to be better than that,” added defender Alistair Johnston, who is a contender.

bad transition

Montreal has often been caught on the wrong foot on Toronto’s counterattack.

“Our defensive transition has been bad and it starts with the guys behind. We’ve been exposed too much, ”acknowledged Johnston.

Nancy went further by explaining that her team has been beaten where they usually play pretty well.

“We weren’t well positioned in their transitions. When I look at goals, we suffered when they attacked us on the cross and usually we do well on that. “

The ghost of Djordje

The team was playing their second consecutive match without Djordje Mihailovic, who will be out for a few weeks.

But don’t think it’s his absence that makes the difference. At least that’s what Johnston said.

If we look closely at this game, it is not because Djordje was absent that we lost, it is because we played poorly on the defense. “

We have also seen significant rotation in the workforce with only a few veterans as owners.

“I think this group is talented enough to allow us to rotate,” Johnston insisted.

In the shot

Despite a lingering impression of poor overall performance, Johnston felt the team were in play until Toronto’s third goal.

For Nancy, it was in the second half that things really went off the rails.

“There were some good things in the first half. Before their first goal we were good enough, we created chances, but we weren’t successful. “


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