CF Montreal 0 – Red Bulls 1 | The sprinkler watered


CF Montreal have made their overseas victories a specialty this season. Now the New York Red Bulls have done it at Saputo Stadium.

Updated August 31

Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio
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The visitors won 1-0 after a game in which the Montrealers never found their attacking pace. Without Lassi Lappalainen in the left corridor, injured in the adductors, the locals could not break the tense lines of the New Yorkers, who came to the metropolis resolute.

“Well done, New York,” said head coach Wilfried Nancy after the game. “They were very good on the defense. ”

The watchword of the Red Bulls, the best team in the MLS in terms of victories abroad? Defend, wait for the game and respond on the break. A recipe that worked wonders, especially in the first half.


Gabriele Corbo and Omir Fernández

We should have had a little more precision in our actions when we had an advantage. As soon as we didn’t keep this early time there when needed, they all got back behind the ball. We had the opportunity to go back to scoring, but we didn’t.

Wilfried Nancy, CF Montreal head coach

Guests took the lead at 43And minute, while Lewis Morgan went there with a small lob in the box to counter James Pantemis.

“The teams are getting to know us”

Five of Blue and Black’s nine defeats this season have come at home. Wilfried Nancy’s troop often has a hard time countering the low blockade of teams that come to Montreal to defend themselves. Is the strategy to be used to counter CF Montreal at Stade Saputo starting to be obvious to their opponents?

“Not at all,” says Nancy. It depends on the moment. […] We fielded a team perhaps less offensive, but capable of controlling the counterattack. But it would have been necessary to be more precise in terms of technical correctness. ”

Samuel Piette had a slightly different opinion.

The teams begin to get to know us. They fit us. But we are also able to adapt. Maybe it worked less today, but I don’t think we had a bad game. The Red Bulls did a good thing.

Samuel Piette, co-captain of CF Montreal

Wilfried Nancy’s changes would eventually have their effect. The entrances of Zachary Brault-Guillard on the right and Matko Miljevic in the center, in particular, followed by that of Jojea Kwizera on the left, have finally given wings to the CFM.

The best chance of the game for Montreal came from the feet of Mason Toye, another substitute, in 76And minute. However, he missed the shot. It hasn’t been easy for the American since returning from injury at the end of June.

“I talked to him,” Victor Wanyama revealed.

“I told him what he had to do. He needs to relax and forget that part. She will regain her touch slowly, but surely. He was hurt for a long time. Playing football is not easy. He should be proud of what he has accomplished. ”

Torres, greedy

Nancy described Lappalainen’s injury, a pillar of his game system, as “not too serious”. Her absence of him “shouldn’t last long,” she said.

In his absence, Mathieu Choinière was placed on the left, with a different role from that of his teammate, always in search of depth. But what turned on – then turned off – his team in the first half was rather Joaquín Torres.


Daniel Edelman and Joaquin Torres

The Argentine had the annoying tendency to want to hold the ball a few moments too long. His greed ended up limiting his options when the funnel got close to him, as well as eliminating those offered by his teammates.

That said, he is the only Montrealer who created the action early in the game. With a slightly better distribution of the ball by him, his success would have been more likely.

“Everyone could have done better,” Nancy said in response to a question about Torres. In making decisions, he could have been a little more precise at times. ”

Revolt against Toronto

This result ends CF Montreal’s eight-game winning streak. Montreal XI retired on Wednesday after their second game in five days. Are the legs getting heavy?

Wanyama recalled Saturday’s “tough” game in Chicago, when his club had to protect their 10-11 lead for a full half. “Everyone had done what they could. ”

Samuel Piette, who said he “feels good on the pitch”, rather spoke of a “great opportunity” next Sunday at BMO Field.

“We have a great game coming up against Toronto. I talked about it in the locker room. There are no better circumstances to get up and beat Toronto at home. ”


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