Carlos Sainz junior wins at Silverstone, Guanyu Zhou comes out unscathed from a violent accident


It took until his 150th Grand Prix to see Carlos Sainz Jr. win in F1. And at the end of a thrilling race, made up of many twists, which enchanted the public until the finish line on lap 52.

For example, F1 doesn’t need rain to put on a great show.

There was an accident, which did not cause any injuries, two starts from a standstill and a restart with 10 laps to go, after the intervention of the safety car, to offer a furious sprint to the British public and to the viewers of the planet.

Sainz junior had agreed to pass his teammate Charles Leclerc on lap 31, and was driving in second place when the safety car hit the track on lap 39 as a car was cleared.

Well positioned on the circuit, the Spaniard was able to return to the pits to mount a new set of soft tires. His team-mate couldn’t get that chance and had to stay on track with his hard and worn tires.

At the restart, Sainz junior took the opportunity. He attacked his teammate Charles Leclerc, then leader, with fresh tires and overtook him on lap 43.

Carlos Sainz son ahead of Charles Leclerc during the British Grand Prix

Photo: Getty Images / Clive Mason

Winning my first Grand Prix at Silverstone, in a Ferrari, what more could you ask for? I will never forget this daySainz Fils reacted, moved.

The Monegasque, poorly served by worn tires, returned to the standings and finished at the foot of the podium.

Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), second, and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes-Benz), third, managed to overtake him in the final laps of the race.

What a great battle with Charles (Leclerc) then with Lewis (Hamilton), exclaimed Pérez. Lewis wasn’t letting go. It was a phenomenal last lap and a good fight.

For Hamilton it is the second consecutive podium, after the third place in Montreal.

I gave everything today to chase the Ferrari drivers. Congratulations to Carlos, it was a good fight but in the end they were too fast on the straightssaid Hamilton, who won the race in 2021.

Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) was unable to claim victory, having damaged the flat bottom of his car on lap 12 by rolling a piece of debris (a piece of carbon), which disrupted its aerodynamics. He finished 7th.

Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), who started from 20th position on the starting grid, managed to finish 11th managing to overtake compatriot Nicholas Latifi (Williams) on the penultimate lap, who was unable to score points despite his 10th place on the grid.

I was surprised by my pace at the start of the race, but I lost downforce in the big fast corners after damaging my flat bottom and couldn’t fight to get into the points.Latifi said.

The car was significantly more competitive than in qualifying, Stroll found. Too bad we could not score points. We continue to analyze the behavior of the new components and, in light of today’s race, this makes me optimistic for the next races.

Accident on the first lap

The race was interrupted on the first lap due to a crash at the first corner. Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo Sauber) was thrown upside down against the safety barrier.

Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou miraculously emerged unharmed from a violent accident that sent his Alfa Romeo behind protective tires.


Everything happened very quickly, and it was a series of contacts between different drivers in the first meters that made the Alfa Romeo Sauber team driver race on the track very violently.

Hit by George Russell’s Mercedes-Benz, Guanyu Zhou’s car overturned and skidded through the gravel trap at blazing speed, and fell onto the safety tires to finish its run in the safety fence.

Guanyu Zhou is out of danger after a spectacular accident. The safety halo seems to have protected the Chinese driver.


It took several minutes before there was good news about the Alfa Romeo Sauber team driver, as his car got stuck in the fence behind the protective tires. He has no fractures and is fine considering the circumstances.

Three drivers had to retire: Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo Sauber), George Russell (Mercedes-Benz) and Alexander Albon (Williams).

Alexander Albon (Williams) was also taken to hospital, but only as a precaution.

Almost two hours after the accident, the FIA ​​announced that Zhou had been discharged from the hospital. He was seen chatting with Formula 1 group president Stefano Domenicali on his return to the pits.

Protesters on the track

The president of the Formula 1 group Stefano Domenicali condemned the protest of the environmentalists at the Grand Prix.

Everyone has the right to speak out about matters, but no one has the right to put human lives at riskreacted on British television.

But the steps of a small group of people today have been completely irresponsible and dangerous. We must not be satisfied with the risk that this entails for the safety of drivers, commissioners, fans and the people themselves..

According to the International Automobile Federation, people have curtain to enter the track.

These people were immediately removed and the case is now being handled by local authorities.said the FIA.

According to the British environmental activist group Just stop the oilwho claimed the challenge, and who is campaigning for a cessation of fossil fuel exploration in the UK, people have actually got on track.

Five Just Stop Oil activists interrupted the British Grand Prix at Silverstone by trespassing on the track and sitting on itsaid the environmental association.


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