Carey Price will wait until the end of the summer to decide her future


Carey Price and other Canadiens players raised money by playing softball last weekend. L’événement a attracté l’œil de ceux qui voulaient examiner le genou de Price, mais c’est le gardien lui-même qui a avoué qu’il n’aurait pas de réponse sur son retour au jeu avant la fin de l ‘ summer.

This is what he explained to reporters according to what TVA Sports and Habs & NHL report.

The problem with this story is that Kent Hughes wanted to know, before the free agent market opened, if Carey Price would be back or if it would be the end of his career. With Carey Price’s lucrative deal, that doesn’t leave much room for new signings.

If Kent Hughes gets a lot of free agents and it’s expensive, we can assume that he believes Price won’t be back and that his name, as well as his contract, will remain on the injured list. Except if Hughes follows his instincts and signs a group of players thinking that Carey Price won’t play, but number 31 is finally ready for the season, there should be a big problem with the salary.

Given this news, it would therefore be normal to think that Kent Hughes will be cautious in the free agent market, avoiding jeopardizing the team’s financial situation in the event of Price’s return.

With a $ 10.5 million payroll contract, Hughes should be sent to an asylum if he starts spending like crazy. On the other hand, he seems to know what the general manager is doing, he who has already concluded some excellent transactions, in particular the one that frees Montreal from the big contract of Shea Weber.

As usual, Price’s knee remains a mystery, but we should have an answer by the end of the summer. Meanwhile, Kent Hughes has to make several tough choices in the draft which will arrive in less than a week.

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