Canadian: Kirby Dach under contract for four years


“My goal is to win the Stanley Cup. The money comes second. What matters to me, first of all, is to win. “

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Kirby Dach may only be 21. He is neither naive nor outspoken. He knows very well that, for the moment, the scent of the championship is far from the Habs changing rooms. That hasn’t stopped him from agreeing on the terms of a four-season contract that will bring him just over $ 3.3 million for each of them.

By doing so, he runs the risk of becoming a godsend for the Habs during the last two years of his contract. Especially since at the end of this contract you will not yet have the right to complete autonomy.

“I find that four years gives me more time to evolve and grow,” said the man Kent Hughes acquired in the latest draft.

“It is a great opportunity. The group of attackers and the direction the organization has taken since Martin (St-Louis) has been in charge is very emotional. That kind of offensive freedom will go well with my game, ”said the man who scored 26 points in 70 games last season in Chicago.

Price on the list of injured persons

For the Canadian, in addition to the notion of possible windfall, the four-year period will somehow facilitate the gymnastics that Hughes, like all other general managers, has to undergo year after year due to the constraints of the salary cap.

“We are trying to find solutions to manage the ceiling,” Hughes explained earlier. Had he been offered a two-year contract, the amount would probably have been lower. However, the following amount would have been higher. “

Speaking of gymnastics, Hughes has already had to twist to get Dach’s contract under the salary cap. To do this, he had to immediately put Carey Price’s name on the long-term injury list, despite the original plan being to make the move early in the season.

“There’s nothing new in Carey’s case. I didn’t get a new meeting with our doctors. However, as I said during the acquisition of (Sean) Monahan, our reading is that his knee didn’t respond well to the team’s long-term playoff treatment (in 2021). And it doesn’t seem that, without another operation, things will change. “

A transaction in the air

Even with Price’s name out of the equation, Hughes’ wiggle room under the hat is pretty tight. Moreover, the Canadian’s general manager did not hide that he, ideally, would like to proceed with an operation before the start of next season.

“I will not trade a good player just to get rid of a contract. Ideally, we would do it for a defender or for a choice “, however, he specified.

Furthermore, it is in the hope of seeing this wish come true that Hughes waited a few days before formalizing the deal with Dach. Such an operation might have enabled him to postpone Price’s inclusion in the long-term injured list.


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