Canadian Grand Prix | A point for Lance Stroll in the house


Lance Stroll used his home run to collect his third point of the season on Sunday. The Quebecer at the end of the game overtook Daniel Ricciardo to slip just in the middle top 10.

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Katherine Harvey Pinard

Katherine Harvey Pinard
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“It’s going well. I’m very happy with that,” the Aston Martin driver simply summed up, with a smirk, after the race.

Stroll, who was leaving 18And on the starting grid, at the end of the race he benefited from the invaluable help of his teammate, Sebastian Vettel. The German, with 37 laps on hard tires, gave him free rein to attack Ricciardo, which he did successfully on 64And turn of 70 years.

“I had more speed with the new tires and we had Ricciardo in front. […] I was on new medium tires, so I had more opportunities to [Sebastian] to beat the competition early, “he explained.

“It’s good teamwork,” he continued. We had a good strategy. We are happy to score points. ”

This is Stroll’s fourth career race in Montreal. The three times he crossed the finish line, he was in the points. We can say that the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit suits him. “He’s always special here,” he also said, stating that he felt the energy coming from the noisy, full bleachers.

This is the third time Stroll has finished 10And this season. He still couldn’t do better. His three points put him in 18th placeAnd to finish in the drivers ‘standings, behind Williams’ Alexander Albon. His two pursuers, Mick Schumacher (Haas) and Nicholas Latifi (Williams), still have no points.

For his part, Vettel was finally 12And to cross the finish line. Barring his two retirements in Australia and Miami, it’s his worst result this season: he missed the top two due to COVID-19.

With this point accumulated on Sunday, the son of billionaire Lawrence Stroll, however, allows Aston Martin to take 8And ranking among producers with 16 points. The team was tied with Haas heading for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Find comfort

In any case, Aston Martin still has a lot of work to do to improve its car, Stroll believes.

“It’s one of the hardest cars to drive I’ve ever driven in my career in terms of confidence,” he said.

“I think today was a little better, but it was still difficult. We have to keep working so that I am more comfortable and more comfortable in the car, because it is still difficult for me. […] There are still things the car does that surprise me. We have to keep working to find the comfortable place we were in last year and the year before, when I was most comfortable and most confident. “

A memorable weekend

Nicholas Latifi’s race was like the last eight: the Torontonian didn’t even come close to fighting for a point.

The Williams driver, who started at 7pmAnd on the starting grid, which ended at 4 pmAnd ranking for the fifth time this season. He beat Kevin Magnussen’s Haas, while Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) and Mick Schumacher (Haas) had to give up along the way.

“We lacked a lot of pace and we have to try to understand why it is so fuel efficient and so low,” he said. We now have two weeks to try and do some analysis before going to Silverstone. Whatever the result, it was a memorable weekend. ”

Memorable, because it was his first career race on Canadian soil. The 26-year-old has been all smiles in every appearance in the paddocks and in front of the media this week.

“It was really great to finally have my first race at home,” he said. The support I’ve heard from my family, friends and all the fans in the stands has been incredible. ”


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