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As a trainer or teacher, you need to create online training. While previously we were content to put long .pdf chapters online, video support is increasingly used in e-learning because, more lively, it allows you to share your screen and insert explanations at the right moment of the course.

It’s just not always easy to find software suitable for creating online courses or tutorials.

Dedicated software created in 2002, Camtasia is used all over the world because it is now translated into multiple languages ​​and there are versions for Mac and Windows.

The 2022 version of Camtasia has just been released. You have the option to test it for free during a one month trial period. The software installs quickly and you can choose the language of use.

Camtasia software interest

With the same software on both Mac and Windows, you can:

  • record your computer screen in whole or in part or via your webcam
  • import files: video, audio or even images in different formats. The variety of media used will make your courses attractive
  • turn your PowerPoint presentations into video by recording your course explanations directly on the software.

How to use Camtasia?

Editing is done using drag and drop in the software editor. You can add, delete, cut or move sections of your video or audio, but also add behaviors or transitions to each section. You have the ability to create annotations or cursor effects, to draw students’ attention to a particular point in the course.

You can import your files from your computer or from Google Drive but you also have a library that will make your life easier to add already created animations or to insert sounds.

To help you with the software interface, tutorials can guide you. At the beginning you can import a Power-point presentation already created, the use of the software will therefore be easier to understand than from a blank page. At the end of your project, you have several options to export your video to integrate it into an online platform or even Youtube or Vimeo.

New in Camtasia 2022

If you already have a Camtasia license, you can upgrade to Camtasia 2022.

The main innovations of Camtasia are:

  • cursor improvements. In screen recordings, the mouse cursor plays a vital role. Camtasia 2022 offers several advanced features to modify, improve and fine-tune the graphic aspect;
  • new templates and customizable elements: the library has been completely redesigned, with more than 1000 new elements such as introductions, songs, animated titles and templates. The colors of these elements are adaptable to your graphics card;
  • a new welcome screen: as soon as Camtasia 2022 opens, the user benefits from a brand new experience that allows them to quickly access essential resources, such as templates or tutorials;
  • an export process. On Windows, the Camtasia 2022 export process has been simplified;
  • new visual effects with blending modes and new transitions;
  • a spotlight effect (new on Windows) to highlight an element of your video.

Camtasia software is very useful professionally for anyone who wants to create online courses or tutorials because they will find all the necessary features to achieve this. It can also be used for marketing communications or presentations. Since its creation, Camtasia software is constantly evolving with many new features to discover in 2022!

Try Camtasia 2022 for free for one month !

Camtasia 2022 update : if you already have a previous Camtasia license.
Fees are also available for education and public agencies.

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