Boxing and athletics are a hit!


The 6th day of the Mediterranean Games JM-2022 in Oran (25 June – 6 July), played on Friday, allowed Algeria to enrich its harvest of medals, with six new gold charms, won thanks to boxing and athletics, while the women’s national 3×3 handball and basketball teams were eliminated at the end of the second day of the first round.

Awaited with impatience by lovers of noble art, the boxing finals, held at the Palais des Expositions in Hai M’dina J’dida, attracted huge crowds. No less than ten finals between Algerians, men and women, were scheduled for this last day of the discipline.

Of the four engaged boxers, Imane Khelif (63 kg), Hadjila Khelif (60 kg) and Boualem Roumaïssa (-48 kg), managed to get on the top step of the podium. Ichrak Chaib (66 kg) was instead satisfied with the silver medal.

“It is a victory for all Algerians and for my father who supported me in difficult moments. I am very touched. I am very proud to belong to this country that deserves all the sacrifices, without forgetting the audience of Oran ”, Imane Khelif reacted to APS after his fight.

Among men, Yahia Abdelli (63 kg) and Jugurtha Ait-Bekka (69 kg) saved Algerian participation in men’s boxing, winning the gold medal.

On the other hand, the disappointment for Mohamed Said Hamani (91 kg), Mohamed Houmri (81 kg), Younes Nemouchi (75 kg) and Oussama Mordjane (57 kg), who did not manage to win gold by settling for the silver medal.

In the athletics competitions, held at the Miloud-Hadefi Olympic Complex, the Algerian jumper Bilal Afer caused a sensation of the day by winning the vermeil medal in the height competition, overcoming a crossbar at 2.24 m, in front of the Syrian Majdeddine Ghazal (2, 22 m) and his compatriot Hichem Bouhanoune (2.22 m).

For his part, the hurdler Abdelmalik Lahoulou won the bronze medal in the 400 hurdles, finishing the race with a time of 48.87, behind the Turkish Yasmani Escobar gold medal with a time (48.27) and the French Ludvy Vaillant (48.83) ).

In judo, Bouamar Mustapha and Yasser and Belrakaa Mohamed Sofiane (-100 kg and + 100 kg) settled for the silver medal. Bouamar, was beaten in the final by the Spaniard Sharazadishvili, while Belrakaa lost his feathers against Slovenian Dracic.

At the aquatic center of the Miloud-Hadefi Olympic Complex, Algerian swimmers did not shine on the first day of the swimming competitions. Jaouad Syoud (50m fly) and Abdallah Ardjoune (100m backstroke), finished their respective finals in last place.

In the final of the 4x200m freestyle relay (men), Algeria also finished last, out of four participating nations.

Amel Melih failed to qualify for the 50m freestyle final, finishing 9th overall in qualifying, as did her teammate Nesrine Medjahed who finished 14th in 26 sec 15. The other Algerians who competed on this inaugural day were eliminated, like Ramzi Chouchar and Moncef Balamane in the 200m breaststroke. Same fate for the swimmers Djihane Benchadli and Lilia Midouni in the 200m butterfly, Imène Zitouni and Rania Nefsi (400m mixed).

In the sports shooting competitions, held at the Hassi Ben Ojba Shooting Center, the Algerians involved were all eliminated in the qualifiers. In the men’s category (10-meter pistol shooting), Amine Adjabi finished in 13th place (563.0 points) while Tayeb Mehali ranked 17th (547.0 points). Among the women (10 m of compressed air), Houda Chaâbi finished in 12th place (622.9 points), while Inssaf Hamdani follows in 18th place (611.6 points).

In team sports, the women’s handball team was eliminated from the first, after the defeat against Croatia (31-21), on the occasion of the 2nd day (Gr.A). This is the second setback suffered by the National Seven after the one suffered Thursday against Spain (26-20). The players of coach Rabah Graïchi will console themselves by playing the table match.

Same fate for the 3×3 women’s national basketball team, eliminated after the defeat against Portugal (13-15). This is the second defeat of the Algerian basketball players, after the one against Serbia (7-11), on the first day played on Thursday, when the boys qualified for the quarter-finals, and will face Spain in the late evening on Saturday.

Finally, the national selection of show jumping was ranked fourth in the team competitions, held at the “Etrier Oranais” equestrian center. The Algerian riders missed the bronze by a beat, after competing in the play-offs against Turkey.

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