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The Texan publisher Topaz workshops unveils a new version of its software DeNoise AI. This version 3.7 should provide better results with the areas with little light and provide better performance with Nvidia graphics cards. Finally, the editor offers you a $ 20 discount for any purchase of a new license.

Better color management in low light conditions

The main novelty of this 3.7 version of DeNoise AI is at the level of management of underexposed areas – and presenting a level of very high digital noise.

With older versions of the software, digital noise removal may cause the appearance of spots on dark areas images. In fact, the tool tended to want to preserve colorimetric information in a localized way, which could cause this strange (and unsightly) phenomenon.

To remedy this problem, the American publisher indicates yes perfected its algorithms image processing. So the “Low Light” model. (Low Light) should adopt a more global approachwith an ultimately smoother rendering across the entire image, including overexposed and underexposed details.

Improved performance with Nvidia graphics cards

This update also makes DeNoise AI one of the first software in its class to take advantage of the new platform. Nvidia Tensor RT. Entirely dedicated to AI-related tasks, the latter must provide substantial performance gains (up to 36x, according to Nvidia) compared to a conventional CPU.

More concretely, DeNoise AI must be able to run the different models much faster than the DirectML platform – especially with RAW files. By running its tests with graphics cards such as RTX 3080 and RTX 3060, the developer indicates to get a significant reduction in processing times.

Therefore, remember that DeNoise AI is also part of the software to be fully compatible with the Mac with Apple Silicon chip – with a performance gain of up to 20 to 30%according to Topaz Labs.

DeNoise AI 3.7: bug fixes and compatibility with the new boxes

Topaz Labs also takes the opportunity to fix several bugs and improve the overall stability of the software. Therefore, a bug was fixed that prevented Lightroom from importing files in batches. Likewise, the editor solved a problem with processing files Canon CR2and causing the software to crash. Finally, the developer fixed a bug that caused the software to crash when Batch processing of RAW files.

At the same time, the editor made a subtle improvement when saving the finalized image in JPEG or PNG. So is the quality adjustment slider graduated from 1 to 100 (and no more from 1 to 10), to offer greater flexibility.

Finally, the publisher added compatibility with several recent boxes, like the Olympus OM-1.

DeNoise AI 3.7 Prices and availability

If you already own the previous version of DeNoise AI, the update is free.

From 23 June to 8 Julythe American publisher offers you a $ 20 discount for any purchase of a DeNoise AI license. The software then costs you $ 59.99, compared to the usual $ 79.99. You can also get an additional 15% discount by using the promotional code “DENOISE15”.

Learn more on the DeNoise AI website.


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