BetOnLine expects a season of around 70 points to the Canadiens


The Montreal Canadiens will enter next season with reduced expectations. We know the team is going through a rebuilding phase and the next campaign is likely to be more difficult at times.

However, it would be surprising if the team’s performance were worse than last year, when CH ended the season with a paltry (it should be said) of … 55 points (22 wins, 49 losses and 11 extraordinary losses) .

We agree that it’s hard not to do better …

The arrival of Martin St-Louis as head coach changed things a bit at the end of the season. Some guys started acting as expected and the wins came more often than at the start of the season, which left a more positive flavor in the mouths of the fans and team management.

Will the impact of St. Louis on the team have the same effect in 2022-23?

According to sports betting house BetOnLine, next season will be better than last year. The club should still be at the bottom of the NHL rankings, but is expected to collect 70 points in 2022-2023.

70 points are 35 wins and 47 defeats in regulation time. We agree that the team will collect some points in extra time …

If we compare with last year’s record, we can expect the Canadian to score at least ten points in overtime in 22-23. Remove those 10 points from the betting house’s total (70), and this gives a total of 30 wins.

Let’s say … but it could give a record of 30 wins, 42 losses and 10 losses in extra time, like. Again, this is just speculation.

Nick Suzuki believes in the team’s potential and even believes it could surprise next year. By the way, I like the confidence of the young man at this level. But how successful can the team be expected next season? This is the thousand dollar question.

At least, if the Canadian ends the year with such a record, we can say that it is a step in the right direction and that it is a good improvement compared to last year.

Also according to BetOnLine, note that only the Hawks and Coyotes should do worse than the CH in 22-23. Not too many surprises!

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– PK in Boston?

– This is, in fact, what we can expect.

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– It will be observed.

– The returns of Benn and Seguin are worrying.


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