Asus formalizes the ROG Phone 6 and the Phone 6 Pro: smartphone of excess


This is Asus’ latest attempt to create a console-like experience in a phone. These ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro offer more power and customization than other big-screen phones, both in terms of hardware and software. It is the smartphone of superlatives. This year, the brand has gone even further.

ROG Phone 6-2022
Asus ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro

The Taiwanese manufacturer Asus insists and signs: the smartphone designed for gaming is in fact a sought after niche according to them. Here is the fifth generation of ROG Phone, ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro.

ROG phone 6

As you can see, they are all number 6, but we are talking about the fifth generation. For what reasons? Number 4 is unfortunate in some Asian countries, so Asus preferred to avoid it. In short, wait, because the presentation is going to be long.

It is explicitly the smartphone of all superlatives and the Taiwanese manufacturer does not even hide it. The announcement includes a significant number of specifications and other features. They clearly understand that the challenge here is to demonstrate their technological advancement.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 at the controls

It is difficult to talk about gaming smartphones without talking about the expected performance of the device. Asus has chosen the most powerful ARM chip, namely the very recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC. Obviously it is difficult to compare it with Apple chips, but that is what we will try to do in the test.

Recall that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip has the advantage of being etched at 4nm, which should theoretically offer it better efficiency than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip.

This chip also integrates Qualcomm’s Adreno 730 GPU, the promises of which are also substantial. In addition to this SoC, the ROG Phone 6 is equipped up to 18 GB of LPDDR5 RAMas well as UFS 3.1 flash memory.

Finally, in addition to 5G, it offers support for Wi-Fi 6E with a multi-antenna configuration to increase the speed and stability of the wireless connection. We call it HyperFusion technology, we have already been able to test it. This allows for truly impressive speeds, even in Wi-Fi 5 where we reached more than 600 Mbps in download.

A design for heat dissipation

For optimal performance, ROG Phone 6’s design has been completely revised. First, the SoC was installed in the center of the device. It is surrounded by two large batteries. Various mechanisms are used for heat dissipation.

There is a Turkish bath. This is what Asus calls it Fantastic game 6. Various components are used to extract the heat, distribute it more widely on the back of the device to avoid the famous hot spot and especially this “throttling” effect which has the effect of reducing the performance of the SoC.

Asus has also updated theAeroactive cooler 6. It is an active cooling, in the form of an accessory that clings to the phone, which recovers the heat emitted from the back of the smartphone and evacuates it via fans.

Futuristic design, screen

From a design standpoint, the ROG Phone 6 denotes all other smartphones. It is by no means a master key with its so-called futuristic design, geometric shapes, RGB LEDs … and even a PMOLED screen on the back. This small screen shows the battery percentage, notifications, etc. It’s superfluous, but it’s fun. You have 60 different animations to customize according to your tastes and desires.

ROG Phone 6 Pro and AeroActive Cooler 6_Scenario Photos (0)

The device is certified IPX4, this is the first time for a gaming smartphone. This means it will be able to withstand some splashes, despite its breathable design.

The AMOLED screen is 6.78 inches, is in 20.4: 9 aspect ratio with a definition of 2448 by 1080 pixels or a resolution of 395 ppi. It is an HDR10 + certified screen, whose brightness is announced at 800 nits and also 1200 nits under certain conditions (APL 1). Its refresh rate is at most 165 Hz.

Two 3000 mAh batteries

On the autonomy side, Asus has installed two 3000 mAh batteries for a total of 6000 mAh. To charge the phone, there is Quick Charge 5.0 technology, as well as HyperCharge which offers PowerDelivery 3.0 support as well as PPS. In total, charge up to 65 watts with the included charger. But support for so many standards allows it to take advantage of fast charging with many third-party chargers.

With 65 Watts of power, it counts a load of From 0 to 100% in 42 minutes. On paper, it’s 10 minutes shorter than the previous model.

As on the previous model, AirTrigger 6 technology consists of turning the corners of the phone into triggers using ultrasonic technology. More concretely, when you hold the phone in landscape mode, this system allows you to have additional control buttons that you can configure according to your needs (tap, slide, swipe, etc.). The ultrasound ensures that you have a force feedback that gives the impression of pressing real physical buttons.

ROG Phone 6 Accessories

Like previous ROG phones, there are also a number of accessories. The AeroActive Cooler 6 takes center stage: it’s an active cooling system that grabs your phone and connects via the second USB-C port. You can then use it while charging your smartphone with the other connection. This accessory includes RGB LEDs, let’s not forget that we are dealing with a ROG product the same.

ROG phone 6
Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro with AeroActive Cooler 6

The audio part has been particularly worked according to Asus, with a double stereo speaker. Each speaker uses a Cirrus Logic CS35L45 chip, which offers various options for accessing high definition sound. Furthermore, the Qualcomm chip obviously also offers adaptive aptX, low latency aptX, LDAC and AAC support.

The camera benefits from a new Sony sensor

On the camera side, Asus has also committed to updating its main sensor: this is the Sony IMX766 present on many high-end smartphones from 2021 to 2022. This sensor delivers 12.5 megapixel shots with the Quad Bayer filter, or native 50 megapixels. You can also film in 8K definition at 24 fps, like on Samsung Galaxy S smartphones.

Additionally, there is a second 13-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and a third 5-megapixel camera for macro photography. In the foreground, it’s a 24-megapixel sensor that delivers wide-angle photos.

On the interface side, the ROG Phone 6 incorporates Android 12 with two interfaces to choose from: ROG UI or Zen UI. The first is of the Gaming type, the second is closer to the pure Android experience. Additionally, at least 2 major updates are planned, as well as 24 months of security updates.

ROG user interface
A choice!

Another advantage of the ROG Phone: the application Armory chest offers a multitude of options and features that it is difficult to list them all. You will be able to modify the performance of the device, configure profiles, list your games and associate particular modes with them, configure the RGB LEDs as well as the various shortcuts, but also the PMOLED screen located on the back of the device.

In addition to this application, Game Genie is still in the game. This application can be opened at any time while you play, it is a kind of remote control to adjust the performance of your smartphone, adjust the macros … and also record and broadcast your games live.

What are the differences between ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro?

The main difference between the “basic” version and the Pro version is the presence of the PMOLED screen on the back. Additionally, the Pro version has up to 18GB of RAM, compared to the entry-level version’s 16GB.

ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro price and release date

  • The ROG Phone 6 equipped with 12 GB of RAM / 256 GB is sold at an indicative retail price of 1,029 euros;
  • The ROG Phone 6 equipped with 16 GB of RAM / 512 GB is sold at an indicative retail price of 1,149 euros;
  • The ROG Phone 6 Pro equipped with 18GB of RAM / 512GB has an indicative retail price of 1,329 euros.

The two ROG Phone 6 models will be available for sale at the end of July 2022 in France from partner distributors Fnac, Darty but also Asus Store. The ROG Phone 6 Pro model will be available for sale in mid-August in France.

From July 5 to August 7 a pre-order offer will be offered during which any user who has ordered a ROG Phone 6 or a ROG Phone 6 Pro will benefit from a free AeroActive Cooler 6 fan (89 euros).

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