Apple’s headphones would be used for both virtual reality and augmented reality


According to information from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s future virtual reality headset would also be used for augmented reality with smooth transitions.

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For several years, rumors have been heard about Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality projects, with a system capable of managing glasses and headsets with realityOS. While some were hoping to unveil this new operating system last week during WWDC, it ended up being nothing, even as the company started filing down the first bricks.

This does not prevent new losses from occurring. This Monday, it was analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, generally very knowledgeable about Apple’s projects, who shared a few tweets about Apple’s projects in the field of virtual or augmented reality.

I think full mixed reality is not just the hardware that can support both AR and VR, but the ability to integrate AR and VR and seamlessly switch them for different scenarios. That’s why I’m using AR / MR to describe Apple’s headphones that are expected to hit store shelves in 2Q23.

– 郭明 錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) June 12, 2022

“Now everyone knows what a virtual reality experience is and how it can be an augmented reality experience. But for most people, it’s hard to imagine what kind of innovative experience the seamless transition between AR and VR could offer, and that should be one of the main selling points of Apple’s headphones. “he says.

According to information from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s first headset should be both a virtual reality and augmented reality headset. It could thus move from one reality to another depending on the scenario. “That’s why I use the terms augmented reality and mixed reality to describe Apple’s headset, which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2023”he says.

3D elements superimposed on a real environment

Remember that virtual reality consists in the visualization of a fully generated 3D environment in a helmet. Augmented reality, on the other hand, relies on the environment surrounding the user to display some overlapping indications. For mixed reality, we can expect, like what Microsoft offers with its Hololens helmet, to have 3D elements displayed above a real environment and based on the shapes present around us.

We know Apple is working hard to develop an augmented reality ecosystem. In addition to mixed reality headsets, the company will develop more discreet glasses. During the WWDC, if Apple hasn’t unveiled its realityOS system, the company has nevertheless presented ARKit 6, RoomPlan, Live Text and Metal 3, many stones that could be used to build its mixed reality OS.

RealityOS was ubiquitous at WWDC 2022 despite its absence

Sprouted by some rumors, realityOS was not made official by Apple during WWDC 2022. However, the company’s plans are very clear, thanks to the numerous announcements of the conference.
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