Apple plans: the new cards are available in France


apple projectsGood news for iPhone users: New detailed maps from Apple Maps are coming to France and Monaco. They provide better navigation and clearer information, as well as new features such as 360 ° view.

Announced last May, the new and improved maps from Apple Maps for France and Monaco are starting to arrive for all iPhone users. And these cards bring a lot of new features.

These new features include more detailed road network coverage, improved navigation, three-dimensional landmarks and other features such as 360-degree view and natural language guidance, as indicated by Apple in its communication.

Green spaces and monuments better highlighted

Apple plans new maps for France

Credits: Apple

As you may have understood, these new maps provide a more aesthetic but also more detailed view for users, which will allow them to easily orient themselves on the roads, on foot or even to better explore the four corners of the globe.

From today the French maps of the Apple navigation app better highlight buildings, parks and green spaces, historical monuments and places of interest. Now it is possible to observe in 3D the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Longchamp Palace in Marseille, the Monte-Carlo Casino in Monaco and many others.

Better navigation

apple maps navigation

Credits: Apple

That’s not all because in addition to the new maps, Maps offers features that will help users navigate and explore the world more easily. The first is Natural language guidance from Siri which gives more natural and therefore easier to follow directions, such as “at the next traffic light turn left”. It will therefore be easier to find your way on the road when traveling in unfamiliar cities.

Additionally, Maps provides real-time traffic information, including Speed ​​limits for added security for users. And users can also communicate the expected arrival time of their trip to their loved ones directly from Maps with a single gesture, or by asking Siri to do it verbally. Relatives can then follow the user’s path and receive an updated quote in the event of a significant delay. It is also possible for users report accidents and dangers on the road with Siri saying “there is an accident” or “there is something on the road”.

Plans will too improve public transport and highlight useful information such as the name of the stops on the lines you use most frequently to guide you better.

The 360 ​​° view with Look Around

the plans of the apple look around

Credits: Apple

One of the big news in the plans arriving today for France and Monaco is the ability for users to do soexplore the streets of different countries in 3D with Look Around.

These interactive views are in high resolution and embellished with 3D photos that allow you to travel across France seamlessly and seamlessly thanks to the 360 ​​° view function. Enough to visit France in detail and in an engaging way for all users of the world from their homes.

The pedestrian paths have also been improved

Finally, pedestrians are not excluded as Apple will now offer pedestrian paths in augmented reality in the streets of Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Paris, with step-by-step directions.

To be best guided around the city, simply lift your iPhone to scan the buildings in the area so that Maps identifies their location very accurately and provides step-by-step instructions to continue exploring as part of a visit. on site. .

“Apple Maps is the perfect app for exploring and traveling the world while protecting your personal data. We are thrilled to offer this experience to more users with this launch in France and Monaco. Maps has undergone a complete overhaul and offers improved navigation. a more detailed view, more accurate location information and great Apple-specific features like 360-degree viewing, natural language guidance, and more. Users will find their points of interest more easily and get to them more easily. “

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services


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