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The situation is the following. The Canadiens have a financial commitment (player salaries) of $ 80,576,666, according to CapFriendly. We need to renew the contracts of Alexander Romanov, Rem Pitlick and Michael Pezzetta.

They are all restricted free agents, so in terms of trading we shouldn’t worry.

What do we do with Samuel Montembeault?

Remains in the fund: $ 1,923,334.

Nothing to get angry about.

A rather worrying situation that requires serious intervention to give more weight to the business model devised by Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes.

How will they come out?

It will take a few years, we know, even if we admit that everything takes place according to the foreseen scenario.

So, in early July, it’s the big back-to-school for general managers. The great comeback, because they will have the opportunity to further dialogue with their counterparts.

Purchase of the contract

Early July means a 12-day period to redeem contracts. Will we take this opportunity at the Habs to give more flexibility in terms of the salary cap?

A few weeks ago we touched on the prospect of redeeming the agreement that binds CH to Jonathan Drouin. But why ? He will complete the final year of the contract. Note that the Canadiens could save $ 1,833,334 which we should register on the salary list for the next two seasons.

Do we want to take this path? I would be surprised.

It is therefore the week of great decisions and, during the month of July, it will be interesting to follow the choices that Habs decision makers will make.

Will we continue discussions on Jeff Petry’s possible transfer? Certainly. His departure would allow the Canadian to refine his strategy when the free agent market opens up.

And what are we going to do with Josh Anderson and Christian Dvorak? We are left unanswered because Kent Hughes is an excellent negotiator and his patience has always served him well in his role as player advisor. He now he works on the other side of the fence, except the rules of the game are not the same. His counterparts are likely to be less patient, as they have alternatives.

Who ? Who ?

This is finally the week where we will have the answers.

And what will be most anticipated, unless Hughes gets a smoking gun, is the Canadian’s choice.

Among the leaders, the choice is made. After so many weeks of properly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the leading candidates, we made a choice. A unanimous choice, I doubt it. But we have consent.

In the meantime, there is no doubt that the Carey Price dossier, which will rule on his health in early September, is not without hindrance on the steps that decision makers are considering in the free agent market.

We can always try to hire a top player, but we still need to make sure we can comply with the salary cap rules.

It is true that Price’s absence for a very long period would reduce financial commitments; his $ 10.5 million salary would appear on the injured list, thus giving more freedom to the transfer of the workforce.

It will therefore be interesting to observe the maneuvers that Gorton and Hughes will use in the coming weeks.

They couldn’t find a better place to officially relaunch the business.

We will do it at home.

File closed or almost …

Then the coaching file is closed. Well almost. The San Jose Sharks have decided to prolong the suspense. We cleaned the house on Friday. Head coach, assistants, no one escaped the ax … So there were certainly some surprises as we thought the general managers would be looking to the next generation, among young professional hockey coaches, but they didn’t. Several experienced coaches have found a place to add a few seasons to their careers. The changes are numerous: Derek Lalonde in Detroit, Jim Montgomery in Boston, Luke Richardson in Chicago, Paul Maurice in Florida, Peter DeBoer in Dallas, Jay Woodcroft in Edmonton, Bruce Cassidy in Las Vegas, Martin St-Louis in Montreal, John Tortorella in Philadelphia, Lane Lambert on Long Island and Rick Bowness in Winnipeg …

In another sense, what we are saying in Pittsburgh is that we could take a big financial risk in the Kristopher Letang case and, at the same time, thank Evgeni Malkin for the good services rendered to the organization. Given that the Penguins are in urgent need of high-level defenders, we cannot afford to lose the best of the group, the one who has just played an exceptional season. In Malkin’s case, he is constantly on the disabled list.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that the Penguins have failed to reach the first stage of the playoffs in the last four seasons …

The Russians: we ask ourselves

It can be understood that the general managers of the National League are concerned about the state of their Russian players.

We would have liked them to stay in Canada or the United States, but nothing prevents a player from returning to his country at the end of the season.

Decision makers understand the situation very well.

What is happening now, this war in Ukraine, is not without raising questions among NHL decision makers.

Could Russian players have trouble leaving Moscow or Russia to return to their respective training in North America?

Nobody knows.

Bettman circuit authorities are closely monitoring the situation. He recalls that Russian teams have been banned from all international competitions since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Could the Russians retaliate by banning “his” players from returning to North America?

Furthermore, the current situation could influence the decision of some teams regarding the amateur players project. Will we choose a Russian candidate considering the concerns fueled by the conflict in Ukraine?

In the numerous discussions between the championship teams, different scenarios are studied. If a Russian player were unable to report to their National League team, this would disrupt league and team operations, affect salary cap management, and several teams could find themselves in serious trouble on the roster.


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