an “incredible” hockey city, according to Tage Thompson


For some reason, the Buffalo Sabers are unable to achieve success on a regular basis.

The team hasn’t participated in the playoffs since 2011, which speaks volumes about the organization’s performance over the past decade.

Jack Eichel’s choice of second place overall in the 2015 draft didn’t change much in the end, despite the high expectations placed on the American. Rasmus Dahlin and Owen Power were picked first in the 2018 and 2021 drafts, but their impact is still pending within the big club.

The team has been mediocre for some time and this is probably why they finished 31st in the league for average attendance last year, when there were around 10,000 fans in attendance per game (9,997, to be more precise).

But despite everything, Tage Thompson considers it one of the best cities in the league to play hockey … because of the passion of the Buffalonians.

Remember that Thompson has just signed a monstrous contract with the Sabers and that he will receive $ 50 million over the next seven seasons.

Maybe it’s good for the club, beyond the boy’s performance on the ice. I explain.

With their recent failures, the Sabers don’t necessarily have the profile of an attractive squad for free agent players, unless it’s a question of money.

No but, seriously … Who would want to go play there, almost sure to skip the playoffs?

When a guy only signs up for the Cash, the chances that he will be 100% dedicated to the team are minimal. And the Sabers seem to have figured this out after making some of these mistakes in recent years (Taylor Hall).

They are building a team with players who want plays there and who want rebuild the club culture. Because we remember that at some point in the 2000s the Sabers were good. Very good, too.

In this context, we just have to think of Jack Eichel’s exchange in Las Vegas … which allowed us to welcome a local player (and perhaps the next team captain), Alex Tuch.

And Thompson’s comments are on the same line.

In Buffalo, young people are growing up and now it’s time for the Sabers to turn the page on several difficult years, to give space to the future … but above all to success.

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