an impressive benchmark and performance that overshadows Intel


The brand new Apple M2 chip that will equip future MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in the short term has just launched on the Geekbench benchmark. Performance is better than announced and we finally know its operating frequency!

Apple M2

At WWDC in early June 2022, Apple unveiled its M2 SoC, the successor to the M1. We therefore took the opportunity to make a comparison with its predecessors thanks to the performance announced by Apple. However, we were missing some information, namely the operating frequency of the processor and the performance on single and multi-core. It’s ancient history ever since the Apple M2 was just seen on Geekbench 5, the popular performance testing tool.

The test, carried out on June 15, gives a score single core (with a single processor core activated) of 1,919 points vs 8,928 points in multicore (with all eight cores enabled). If we compare with the Apple M1, it is 11.6% and 19.5% more performance respectively. Apple had indicated 18% (certainly in multicore), we are therefore slightly above.

A frequency of 3.49 GHz, up 9%

Geekbench also provides an interesting little detail about the Apple M2. The processor would have a maximum frequency of 3.49 GHz, compared to the Apple M1’s 3.2 GHz. It is precisely this information that was missing when Apple announced it, to know where the performance gain on the processor part came from. The amount of cache memory and memory bandwidth are greater on the Apple M2, but it is mainly the increase in frequency (9%) that is responsible for most of the gains on a core. In multicore, cache memory and bandwidth can increase performance a little more.

Finally, software optimization and the use of new cores (if confirmed) would have a very slight impact on the performance increase. That wouldn’t be so strange, since the Apple M2 uses the same fine engraving as the Apple M1 (with a new process, again at TSMC). This therefore prevents the Apple brand from offering a huge performance gain without an increase in consumption.

A chip as powerful as an Intel CPU

The new Apple M2’s Geekbench score has been pretty impressive ever since single core, is positioned in the top 3 results of Geekbench, behind the Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i9-12900KF. In multicore, it is still a long way off (the Core i9-12900K is approaching 20,000 points), but not to mention almost 10 times the consumption for the Intel chip and a frequency of around 5 GHz! But that’s not counting on Qualcomm with its Hamoa, which it intends to come and hunt on Apple’s land in 2023.

Recall that the Apple M2 will equip the new MacBook Air, which we were able to pick up in Cupertino, and MacBook Pro before definitely ending up in the other devices of the brand.

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