Almost killed by a driver, he hopes he can walk again


Tears in his eyes in the hospital bed, a 19-year-old seriously injured by a driver in late June, in Montreal, hopes for only one thing: to be able to walk again one day, while a lengthy rehabilitation awaits him.

“I could have died, still struggling to make Dany Bolduc, met at the Montreal General Hospital. I replay the scene in my head several times a day to make sure I don’t forget any details when I tell my side of the story to the police.

For the young man, who suffers from numerous fractures of the hip and pelvis and shows scratches in several places on his body, it is obvious that it was not an accident.

The violent collision took place on June 29, shortly after 10 pm, on the 75And Avenue, in the municipality of LaSalle. He had just spent the day painting his new apartment in Chateauguay and had gone to McDonald’s to eat.

Damage to the hood (above the headlight) and to the bumper after the collision that seriously injured Dany Bolduc.

Photo QMI Agency, Erik Peters

Damage to the hood (above the headlight) and to the bumper after the collision that seriously injured Dany Bolduc.

“I’ve never heard of that happen. I had just closed the door and went. Then, suddenly, I’m flying again. After that, I’m under his tank. That’s when he starts to back off and crushes my leg, “says the young fan of sports, including hockey and skateboarding.

Just yesterday, you could see the car tire tracks on his thigh.

Photo taken from Facebook

Just yesterday, you could see the car tire tracks on his thigh.

strong impact

Although several days have passed since the events, it was still possible to find traces of the violence of the impact, such as several fragments of debris on the ground, during the passage of the Tree trunk, yesterday.

And the photos of the tragic evening also testify to this. In addition to seriously injuring Dany Bolduc, the driver hit the victim’s car and three parked vehicles were simultaneously damaged in the impact.


“It is clear that he had to drive very hard, but plus he wasn’t even in his lane, it all happened in the opposite direction”, underlines Moundher El Amraoui, brother-in-law of the victim, who came running when he heard the sound of sheet metal crumpled.

“At first I didn’t even recognize Dany, he was so full of blood,” he adds.

An ice handler

What shocks the injured young man even more is that the driver never showed empathy or apologized. He even took the time to park after running over her instead of helping her.

“I still remember his face, he bent down in front of me. He said “my brakes” as he took his head. He didn’t even try to help me or ask me if I was right, regrets Dany Bolduc. It was his fault, it was dangerous to drive, even if it wasn’t his intention to hurt me.


Eventually he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he was operated on for seven hours. In particular, the metal screws had to be placed in different points of his body to stabilize the various fractures.

According to his relatives, doctors are confident for the future, but rehabilitation could take up to two years before it returns to normal.

“I want to walk … I want to walk again,” he breathes, his voice hoarse with tears, but grateful for the work of the hospital staff.

The family wants answers

Dany Bolduc and her family now want answers to understand the circumstances of the collision and that an adequate investigation be conducted so that “the truth comes out”.

“On the side of the Montreal police, what we are told is that it is considered an accident. But to us it’s just incomprehensible, they can’t trust what [le conducteur] she said, ”says her mother, Denise Bolduc.

“Was he writing? Have you been drinking? How fast was it? She takes the facts so we can move on. Her life has changed forever, “said her father, Richard Bellefeuille.

The Montreal Police Department said yesterday that the investigation is still ongoing.

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