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The year 2022 marks the beginning of a new generation of Pokémon thanks to Scarlet Pokemon And Pokemon Purple. After a Pokemon Legends Arceus which has completely upset the formula, the license returns with a more “canonical” opus that incorporates the traditional codes of the saga, mixing them with the know-how acquired in the latest spin-off. Before we review them later this year, let’s recap here all we know Scarlet Pokemon & Viola.

An open world full of promise

Pokemon Scarlet Purple Trailer 2 007 1

Although we have clearly taken over its already very limited engine, Pokemon Legends Arceus it wasn’t a preview of the direction of the main series, therefore, as the classic operation returns with opposing arenas and coaches waiting for you all over the world. In addition, we also lose construction in limited areas of the game this beginning of the year since then Scarlet Pokemon And Viola it will be fine in the open world, and this time real.

This greater freedom of exploration will also pass through the fact of to be able to visit the region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula as you wish, the scenario will not block access from such and such a place. This promise still raises some doubts. Okay, we can go anywhere immediately, but won’t we find ourselves running to save our lives among Pokémon that are 50 levels higher than ours?

Arceus pokemon legends

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Also, for now, Game Freak is pretty vague when it comes to wild Pokémon. They are still wandering around the map but it is not known whether they will be able to attack the character directly or be captured by throwing a Pokéball without going through the combat box.

It must be said that for the moment the developers speak little or nothing about the gameplay. No new mechanics have been mentioned, we only know that it will be possible to invite three other people who can then accompany you on your adventure or go to their corner while staying in your session.

What are the differences between the two versions?

Pokemon 003 Scarlet Purple Screen 2

The other point we absolutely want to overcome is that never have two versions been so different from each other. We are promised a specific plot depending on whether you take it Scarlet And Violaand starts directly as the Pokémon Professor will not be the same depending on the game.

So in Pokemon Scarletyour mentor will be Olim It’s inside ViolaSara turum. We note the tribal style of one and the futuristic style of the other, also extended in the design of the legendary Pokémon of the two versions. Good, Coridone it doesn’t look very prehistoric with its type of wheel in the center of the torso but Miraidone it still has reactors instead of its hind legs. One would be Dragon / Fighting type while the other would be Dragon / Electric.

Pokémon confirmed

Pokemon 014 Scarlet Purple Shield 3

And since we’re talking about new creatures, we might as well move on to the rest of the new Pokémon. Inevitably, we still have the trio of appetizers with the Plant-type feline, Pushedthe reptile of fire Chochodile and the water duck Hairdresser.

And we have also discovered three other species that will populate this new region that still has no name. So we can say hello pohm, the new electric mouse that acts as a pseudo-Pikachu of this new generation. Who says Spain, says olive oil according to Game Freak which therefore offers us Olivini, a Grass / Normal-type Pokémon that attacks by secreting oil. And while waiting for a creature in the form of tapas or paella, we will therefore have to rely on the black pig that has quickly conquered the Internet, foodiewhich will be of the Normal type.

You should know that the three will have another point in common to be on the team of Menzie, your friend and rival from this episodewhose outfit will change depending on your version.

As for the other confirmed Pokémon that come from other generations, we will therefore find:

  • Pikachu
  • Mimitoss
  • Meowth
  • Psyduck
  • Magnets
  • ectoplasm
  • Lainenergie
  • Granivol
  • euphoria
  • Embrilex
  • Bekipan
  • Tylton
  • evict
  • Drabi
  • Stunned
  • apitrini
  • Baudrive
  • Lucario
  • Chlorobol
  • Hexagonal
  • Catwalk
  • Flabusardo
  • gunslinger
  • Predastery
  • Floramantides
  • Crochina
  • Checrok
  • Montracite
  • dolman

Obviously there will be other Pokémon in the program, but at the time of writing these lines, these are the only ones that have been seen in the trailers or that have been confirmed.

A soundtrack like no other

Pokemon 019 Scarlet Purple Shield 4

Toby Foxthe creator ofUndertale and of Deltaruna has already announced that he will continue to referee as a composer for Game Freak and this time he has an even greater workload as he switches from just one post-match music to Sword Pokémon And Shield to different themes on these versions.

His work can also be heard in the latest trailer as it is he who will take care of the main theme of the exploration, in other words a very big piece for open world games.

When will Pokémon Scarlet and Purple be released?

Pokemon 016 Scarlet Purple Shield 5

As usual, we imagine that there is no delay for these Pokémon games, which means that Scarlet Pokemon & Viola both will be available worldwide on November 18, 2022exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Where to pre-order Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon scarlet and purple

Where to pre-order Pokémon Scarlet?

Here’s where you can pre-order now Scarlet Pokemon :

Book Pokémon Scarlet on Fnac Book Pokémon Scarlet on Amazon Book Pokémon Scarlet on Micromania

Where to pre-order Pokémon Purple?

Here’s where you can pre-order now Pokemon Purple :

Book Pokémon Violet on Fnac Book Pokémon Violet on Amazon Book Pokémon Violet on Micromania

Where can I pre-order the Pokémon Scarlet + Pokémon Purple Duo Pack?

Here’s where you can now pre-order the Duo Pack Scarlet Pokemon + Pokemon Purple :

Book Pokémon Scarlet on Fnac Book Pokémon Scarlet on Amazon


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