According to Martin Brodeur, Andrei Vasilevskiy has replaced Carey Price as best goalkeeper


When fans are asked their opinion of Carey Price, many of them don’t necessarily want to praise him because he didn’t win the Stanley Cup. And since his career is likely over and the CH won’t win anytime soon, that shouldn’t change.

But when we ask the players, it is more unanimous: the price is loved. Reputed to be technically perfect, the CH goalkeeper nevertheless led the Canadian to the Eastern final in 2014 (and who knows what would have happened without Chris Kreider) and the 2021 CH to the final alone.

It was against Andrei Vasilevskiy that Price lost his chance to win his Cup last year. And let’s say that one of his runners-up in the NHL is the Lightning goalkeeper.

In fact, when I say “questioned”, I mean he’s the best goalkeeper in the NHL. Even though he wasn’t shown against Avalanche yesterday, there is nothing better in the NHL right now.

Difficult to compare the two goalkeepers. But Martin Brodeur nevertheless lent himself to the game of confrontation.

Its result? In his eyes he is on NHL goalkeepers’ Mount Rushmore and is the best goalkeeper of his generation, which then includes the # 31 Montreal Canadiens.

It is difficult to contradict the hockey legend and Vasi absolutely deserves the recognition that comes his way. One wonders, however, what would have happened if Price had had the chance to play behind a club like Tampa. Would this change the answer?

It must be said that the statistics of the Tampa goalkeeper during the matches in which he manages to eliminate the opponent make him a candidate who does not steal the honorary title offered him by Martin Brodeur.

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