Abandoned the Intellivision Amico brand, the end of the journey for a phantom console


Heralded in 2018 as a revolution for family-friendly video games, Intellivision Amico has been flowing a lot of virtual ink since, but not necessarily for the right reasons. With its disastrous communication and deadlines that have not been met, including due to the pandemic, we have just learned that the Intellivision Amico brand has not been renewed.

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A disaster of all splendor

The Intellivision Amico is the promise of a family console, but one that will also delight retrogaming enthusiasts, with the return of the old so-called classic licenses. It goes without saying that almost 4 years after its announcement, it is still difficult to know who the car was really dedicated to. With its very high pre-order price and its games with a concept worthy of the Atari 2600, the console had to stand out with a new way of approaching games, with the use of a screen in the controller and games available in the form of NFT. .

Except that after so many setbacks, supply and production problems, in addition to the recent departure of Tommy Tallarico, who has left the position of CEO, the Intellivision Amico turns out to be more and more a big joke. It would take a whole article to talk about all the problems surrounding this famous console, but we have just reached a new stage in its descent into the underworld.

While we just learned last month that the company was orchestrating cuts in its employees, including the closure of some premises, the US Patent and Trademark Office just announced that the Intellivision Amico brand is considered technically “dead”.

The Intellivision Amico trademark was filed in October 2018, then granted in September 2019. Except to maintain its use, it is necessary to constantly fill in an extension of use in order to demonstrate to the USPTO that the trademark is used for a procedure commercial. This has already been done four times in the past, but the latest date was November 2021. Since then no renewal requests have been requested and as of June 2022 the brand is therefore considered abandoned.

It is always possible to relaunch the Amico brand, knowing that Intellivision has two months to request it. Only this adds to the long list that slowly shows us that the Friend is increasingly to be considered as a ghost console that will never come out. Since April 2022, refund requests for pre-orders have accelerated and few fans still believe in the project, especially with the announcement of CEO Phil Adams, who expects Intellivision to license the games to other developers, possibly to release them on other consoles, at the order to save the company’s coffers and continue to develop the Friend.

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