A win that “defines the season” for CF Montreal


Dear readers, we will do our best to describe the madness of this seething derby. Electric. Spectacular.

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Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio
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Let’s start by remembering that CF Montreal won 4-3 against Toronto FC at BMO Field. A great victory, acquired after an irresistible comeback of four unanswered goals.

This Canadian classic, you guessed it, lived up to expectations. And it could also “define the season” of CFM, according to Alistair Johnston.

“It’s historic,” Wilfried Nancy said after the game, speaking of his team’s victory. The manager, who always maintains a certain neutrality when it comes to commenting on his club’s performance, was ecstatic on Sunday.

“When I see a 39-year-old player [Kei Kamara, qui en a 38, NDLR] who starts running as he does to help the team. And when I see, sorry for the deadline, a little ass like Ismaël Koné who comes in and undresses for the team. I have a thought for Jason watching us from above. My little Di Tullio. Because today he is happy and smiling. Well done guys. Cheer. ”


Ismaël Koné controls the ball in front of Ifunanyachi Achara (99)

Toronto Press

Everything was ready for a tense and hot duel. The smoke bombs were ignited at the first whistle. On the one hand, Wilfried Nancy’s troop and its second position in the Eastern Conference. On the other hand, that of Bob Bradley, Federico Bernardeschi and Lorenzo Insigne, who has almost never lost since the arrival of these Italians.

It was Bernardeschi and Insigne themselves who set the tone at the start of the match. At 5And minute, the former Juventus scored from a penalty awarded after a video replay check. At a distance of more than two minutes from the action judged fallacious by Samuel Piette. Despite Quebecer’s recriminations, it was 1-0 TFC.


Lorenzo Insigne and Samuel Piette

The pressure from Toronto has only increased right now. At 7AndInsigne has brilliantly caught a ball deflected by Piette, again him, and scored 2-0 on the fly in the area.

Montreal, unrecognizable, was unable to play in the first 10 minutes. But this team has evolved a lot since last year.

What might have seemed an insurmountable advantage just a few months ago looked like a simple hill on Sunday, a small knoll to climb. Especially since there were still 80 minutes to play.

“We believe in us, says Alistair Johnston. […] With what we have built this season, even at 2-0, we didn’t feel that this match was out of reach. ”

“And he was so early in the game,” he adds. We thought it was only two half possibilities. A dubious penalty and a deflected cross. Let’s play our game and go. ”

Jogo Bonito

The CFM went there. After the first 10 infernal minutes, he imposed his game by controlling the ball. And he quickly found gaps in the TFC lines.

Then the Montreal car drove off. At 19And, Kamal Miller went on the attack. The defender managed a sweet double with colleague Rudy Camacho. The ball falls at the feet of Kei Kamara, who makes a nice shot blocked by goalkeeper Alex Bono. Miller, now in the pits, took the comeback. On the fly. Beautiful. the jogo bonito of CF Montreal brought it back 2-1.

“It was a special moment for me,” said Miller, who was playing in front of family and friends in Toronto. It was my first time in Toronto, although I have often played at BMO Field for the national team. ”

The Bleu-et-noir had found its momentum. And he brought with him a player who had been looking for him for some time. Djordje Mihailovic went there with a sublime right-footed shot from outside the box surrounded by three Torontonians. The power of his shot sent the ball into Alex Bono’s hand. The American drew the game in 21stAnd, with his first goal from 22 May. His reaction said it all.

“The Djordje strike, you don’t see it often,” Johnston said. He did it while warming up. We told him to go back and keep him for the game. And that’s exactly what he did. ”


Kei Kamara (right) celebrates his goal in the first half

The ball has escaped at the feet of the Queen City players. A fact evidenced by the sublime action of Kamara in 43And. The veteran was about to slip into the small pocket of defender Chris Mavinga, the two end up alone on the right. And the attacker came out a giant rabbit. He cleverly countered the Torontonian before sending the leather between Bono’s two legs, who was – once again – playing a bad game.

“A second professional time”


Ayo Akinola of Toronto FC and Kamal Miller of CF Montreal

From 2-0 to 3-2. The gap in the standings between the two teams – Toronto is 10And – finally made himself heard on the pitch.

There was only one team left to play in the second half. And she wasn’t the one who wanted to entertain her followers. This allowed the pace to slow down.

“If I try to put myself in their shoes, they’ll tell me, ‘It’s still happening,’ observes Alistair Johnston. And we took advantage of it. We had young and fresh legs. When their pressure subsided, gaps were found. ”


Ayo Akinola and Alistair Johnston

The gaping holes in Toronto’s ramparts allowed Johnston, precisely, to score his 3And from season to 54And. He was served with a header by Kamara in the area. As soon as he was covered, he hit the target by facing the ball with his forehead. It was 4-2 and Montreal now only had to close the books against an emotionally devastated team. And physically too, perhaps.

“This fourth goal was very important, underlines whoever scored it. We played a very professional second half. ”

Insigne is 4-3 in recovery time, goal against the course, the result of a mistake by Piette and Camacho in the area. The Italian looked hurt, however. He’s been limping for the last few minutes.

This 16And the win already makes the 2022 season the club’s best in MLS history, with 52 points in total. One more than in 2016. And there are still five games to go.

“It’s one of those games that we will remember all year round. For a whole career. Defines a season, Johnston believes. With all the talent ahead, this game could have easily gone out of reach. But we drew a line in the sand and said, “No. We’ll come back to this game.” ”

“This group makes history,” adds Nancy. This is what we want. Do something special. ”

He went well.


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