A terrifying Beterbiev wants Bivol


Artur Beterbiev stepped into the ring amid the boos of the New York partisan crowd. No matter how much you claim to live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to be a Canadian citizen, your name is still Artur Beterbiev.

Besides, the name of Joe Smith junior cannot be invented. And coming from Long Island is even better for pumping a New York crowd.

Marc Ramsay walked alongside Beterbiev as he walked into the ring and said to himself, “Go on, you’ll wake him up for me. Artur is sensitive to these ailments. He knows what that means.”

Twelve minutes later, about five of which were spent in combat, Artur Beterbiev greeted the crowd. The cheers were polite. But there were no more whistles: “Artur was determined. People would only have one option after the fight. The first will respect me and the second will respect me “, Marc Ramsay said yesterday morning.


As you know, the Joe Smith case was solved in less than two rounds. A terrifying massacre. Artur Beterbiev is a boxer of superior intelligence. He and Ramsay had prepared a perfect plan for Joe Smith.

We saw a very agile, almost dancing Beterbiev moving around the ring with great ease. He thus forced Smith to sink into his style of him. That of a one-dimensional boxer. What is called a slut. It was crisp and clear. After a minute, the match was drawn. The perfect fight between a slut and a boxer.

Except that the boxer, when he is called Artur Beterbiev, is a powerful boxer. With perfect synchronization. A terrifying boxing machine. As soon as he realized that Smith would not try to adapt and would continue to want to rip his head off, Beterbiev began to slaughter him. Hook with both hands, heavy and precise jabs and finally Smith, two powerful uppercuts from right and left to cheer him up.

It was finished.

A demonstration of technique and frightening power.

And to convince yourself, read all of Dan Rafael’s British and American commentators. Since yesterday they are unanimous. Never Canelo Alvarez will not accept a fight against Beterbiev. The only possible opponent is Dimitri Bivol, who needed 12 rounds against Joe Smith. And Bivol is the only belt holder that Artur still escapes. That of the WBA.


There is boxing and there is the boxing business. Artur wants Dimitri Bivol. Fans want Bivol. But boxing businessmen want Anthony Yarde to go to London in October.

Yarde is the mandatory contender for Artur’s WBO belt. He was in New York for the fight and after the fight he noticed that both boxers seemed slow to him. Hi, Houston, we have a problem.

Why construction site? Because its promoter is Frank Warren, an old English friend of Bob Arum, president and owner of Top Rank. Nothing is easier than organizing a fight in London. ESPN would be the broadcaster in the United States and everyone would be happy.

While Bivol has a contract with a promoter and competing television network at ESPN. These TV stories are always complicated.

Also, on Friday Arum was talking about Yarde. Before the fight.

So, is it decided?


“No one has spoken to my uncle Marc yet,” replies Marc Ramsay. “They can make any plans they want, Artur has no offers on the table. And what Artur wants is to unify the entire division by beating Bivol, “summed up his uncle Marc.

And “uncle” Anthony Rudman, Beterbiev’s lawyer, confirms that no one has made him any offers for Yarde. “The promoter can try to move on, but let’s just say I would be very surprised if he tries to rush a fight without talking to us,” Me Rudman pointed out with the caution … of a lawyer.

Either way, it will be very expensive for Artur’s services. He approaches the table with three belts around his waist.


Artur Beterbiev is 37 years old. Time is his most dangerous opponent. But crushing a world champion like Joe Smith, a good New York American, right at Madison Square Garden, was the detonator the Beterbiev clan needed to take it to the next level of business.

Is simple. The boxing world is singing its praises to him in London, New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Moscow. It is said to be the best kilo for kilo in the world and even Canelo Alvarez is terrified of facing it.

Arthur superstar? It seems so …


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