a situation similar to that of Tomas Tatar


The Montreal Canadiens’ takeover of Evgenii Dadonov in exchange for Shea Weber’s contract surprised many.

Although this possibility of a transaction had been raised several times in rumors, no one expected it to materialize.

Well, CH is today with a talented hockey player in Dadonov who can still produce at a good pace.

Dadonov’s flaw?

His $ 5 million contract for another year.

This is also why the Vegas Golden Knights got rid of the Russian outside in this way.

For the CH, which is fully entering the reconstruction, Dadonov’s contract is not harmful since he only has one year left.

And unless I’m wrong, the CH isn’t looking to compete for a place in the playoffs this year.

In short, it is a good transaction for the CH.

Now, does the Dadonov takeover remind you of CH’s takeover of another Las Vegas cap dump?

I’m thinking here of Tomas Tatar.

In fact, when we look at the situations of Dadonov and Tatar when they were both traded in Montreal from Las Vegas, we notice that there are several similarities.

First, as I said before, both players were “cap dumps” sent from Vegas.

The Golden Knights got rid of their contracts when the two players weren’t really worth it.

Recall, in the case of the Tartar, the then GM of the Golden Knights, George McPhee, had forced the CH to take the tartar in the exchange of Max Pacioretty.

We know what happened next, Tatar did very well in Montreal, producing almost at the same speed as Pacioretty in Las Vegas.

Could Dadonov also be able to produce at a rate similar to that of the Tatars?

It’s possible.

It is clear that the Russian winger is older (33) than Tatar when he arrived in Montreal (27), but the fact remains that Dadonov is a talented player just like Tatar, capable of producing at a more than respectable pace.

As my colleague Michaël Petit said yesterday, Dadonov could surprise us this season.

With the right teammates, CH number 63 could achieve Tatar-like production and allow CH to get a good return for him when the trade expires.

In short, it will be really interesting to follow Dadonov’s performances this season.

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