A return to Arizona is possible for Antoine Roussel


For all teams, the retreat will begin on 21 September. It wasn’t until the next day that the 32 teams would skim the track for the first time at the pitch.

Several players still don’t have a contract and striker Antoine Roussel is part of this gang.

As he told the Journal de Montreal, Roussel could return to the desert, where he played the final year of his four-year contract signed with the Vancouver Canucks.

I think the door stays open with the Coyotes. There are several teams that are patient. They want to cut salaries. There is a team that blocks everyone and probably starts with the Coyotes. Block the progress of other teams. Until it falls, nothing happens. Despite this, I am not discouraged. –Antoine Roussel

One thing is certain, his coach, André Tourigny, would like to have him back in the team.

“Rouss” (Roussel) is an excellent leader. Antoine knows where I am. He has been very good for our young people. He was exemplary in his endeavor of himself. But whether or not to bring it back is up to Bill (Armstrong) and management. We also have many young people in Arizona. However, I can say that the door is not closed on our side, especially on the side of the coaches. – André Tourigny

The Frenchman, already 32 years old, wants to play at least one more season. For him, the priority is not money. He just wants to play.

I still want to play, still enjoy and feel my body can still keep up. –Antoine Roussel

Roussel remains patient, but there is nothing concrete in the negotiations with the other teams. Recall that the left-handed did not hesitate to criticize the new Coyotes project last January. Will he really want to go back to the desert and play in front of a few thousand fans?

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