A Nintendo Switch – OLED model inspired by “Splatoon 3” will hit stores on August 26th


A special edition of the Nintendo Switch console will be available in stores on August 26 – OLED model with the “Splatoon 3” theme with a design inspired by the new “Splatoon 3” game (sold separately).

A Nintendo Switch - Mod
Nintendo Switch – Splatoon 3 Special Edition OLED model.Photo: screenshot of the video

Adorned with splashes of color and images straight from Cit-Clabousse, the Nintendo Switch console – the “Splatoon 3” special edition OLED model is actually a set that includes a degraded yellow Joy-Con controller and a blue Joy-Con controller with white undersides, as well as a white Nintendo Switch dock dotted with graffiti.

The “Splatoon 3” game will launch for Nintendo Switch on September 9th for a suggested retail price of $ 79.99. A “Splatoon 3” themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, with striking colors and images reminiscent of Inklings and Octolings, will also be available on September 9th for a suggested retail price of $ 99.99, along with the Nintendo Switch shipping case. “Splatoon 3” edition for a suggested retail price of $ 32.99. Whether you’re fighting online * territory wars at home or playing Story Mode on the go, these items will help you write in style.

Splatoon 3 features chaotic 4v4 ** territorial wars through a mix of new and old levels, where each team competes to cover more ground with their own ink to win. We also discover the most interesting features, weapons and equipment on this side of the galaxy. “Splatoon 3” also includes a single player campaign and the next iteration of the Salmon Run co-op mode. Join number 3 in story mode to fight the Octarian rebels and uncover the secrets of a mysterious place called Alterna and the Bristly Goo. As you dive into Salmon Run, you’ll team up with teammates ** to fend off waves of dangerous Salmonodes, some of them colossal in size!

The Nintendo Switch console – OLED model offers a 7-inch OLED screen with brilliant colors, a large adjustable stand, a docking station with integrated LAN port (LAN cable sold separately), 64 GB of internal memory, of which part is console – only and improved sound in portable and tabletop modes. The Nintendo Switch console – OLED model can be played in three modes: TV mode, played on a TV when the console is in its docking station; handheld mode, when Joy-Con controllers are connected to the handheld game console; and tabletop mode for multiplayer gaming on the go.

The Nintendo Switch – Special Edition OLED “Splatoon 3” model will be available in stores at a suggested retail price of $ 469.99. “Splatoon 3” is now available for pre-order at select retailers, the My Nintendo Store and Nintendo eShop.


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