a new immersive experience for children aged 4 to 12


Come and have fun from 7 July to 25 September 2022.

Our captain recently discovered an electrifying universe while exploring the farthest corners of space, the Youth Zone! To access it you need a very specific element: the energy that is in the heart of every child. It is thanks to her that the Vaisseau can take off and open access to the Youth Zone.

Our crew is now traveling across the country to entrust the young explorers with a mission of the utmost importance: to explore the universe of Youth Zone.

Children will be able to discover the characters that inhabit this universe by participating in a series of life-sized games that use innovative technologies of interactive projection and motion detection. An exciting journey!

Highlights of this fun and original experience:

  • access for children with reduced mobility

  • movement of the Vaisseau in the regions of Quebec

  • games available in all seasons

Spaceship Youth Zone Photo: Radio-Canada

Discover the games

The rocket

A journey into space, is getting ready! Children must capture the essential items for David Saint-Jacques’ space mission. 3, 2, 1 … take off!

The magical wishes of Talia

Thanks to the creatures of the wish tree, Talia solves all the problems that arise in the rainbow kingdom. To support it, children have to catch magical creatures with their hands. Magic can then work!

Run Jean, run!

In a friendly relay, Agents Martha, WXT, Bulle and Jean must race through obstacles. To get the superpowers, kids have to grab the objects in their path while paying attention to the red toaster! The first to cross the finish line wins the race.

The dance of Mahdi and Val

It’s party time in the village of Languille-sous-Roche. Mehdi, Val and Tristan take the opportunity to teach the people of the village the dances and music of their time. To rhythmic music, children must reproduce a series of dance movements as faithfully as possible to create a choreography.


Will girls and boys have the courage to bend over, bend over or even jump? This is what you will need to do in the Contortions game. Faced with holes in the walls that advance at a steady speed, you will need to assume the right pose to successfully pass through the shapes cut into the walls. You will have to be vigilant and be creative!

ninja galaxy

A meteor shower threatens to destroy the planet Sakura. The ninjas must intercept them before they hit the ground using quick, precise hand movements.

ninja apprentices

For New Year’s Eve, the giant dragon helps his ninja apprentices by taking down the lanterns. Be careful to catch them all before they fall to the ground! Once the lanterns are collected, the party can begin.

The eye of an agent

Agent Jean appeals to future agents’ sense of observation. He has hidden several gadgets that they will need to locate as soon as possible. Which of the two teams will win this great Search and Find duel?

The secret passage

The metal debris must be moved to clear the secret passage leading to the ancient forest. This game takes place in the universe of Mechanism.

For details on the next stops of the Vaisseau Zone Jeunesse, go to here!


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