A letter to the future, a melancholy adventure


Canadian studios Scavengers Studio recently revealed the release date for their next game, SEASON: A Letter to the Future.

It is an introspective adventure that could prove to be very interesting.

Based in Montreal, Canada, the Scavengers Studio development team has been busy creating their next game, SEASON: A Letter to the Future.

It is, as its managers call it, an “atmospheric” third person adventure and will be released on PC, Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 this fall.

SAISON: The letter to the future has as its starting point a remote village in the mountains where the confusion of the big cities has not yet arrived.

It is a place where calm and peace reign and where no one sees a reason to leave. For several generations, no one has left the country to venture into the “outside world”. Yet. Up to Estelle.

Estelle is a girl full of life, dreams, questions … and in her universe, every season of the year is a completely different time. It is as if it were a separate period of history with its events and its peculiarities.

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With her bicycle as a travel companion, Estelle embarks on an adventure in the outside world. Leaving your village, you will discover all the sensations, images, sounds that exist outside and you will record each of these moments for the future. SEASON: A Letter to the Future is a game about memories and feelings of loss.

The gameplay of SEASON: A Letter to the Future is based on exploring the world and where Estelle goes. Along the way, the girl will have the opportunity to meet new people, hear their life stories and discover a world that until then she was completely alien to her.

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Estelle’s curiosity drives her to want to capture everything she sees and hears. Sounds, music, art, architecture, old people’s voices, noises of religious practices… in short, clues and testimonies of moments that will soon be in the past.

PlayStation 5 version of SEASON: A Letter to the Future:

  • Adaptive Triggers: The player will use the triggers to pedal the bike and the resistance will vary depending on the speed and type of surface.
  • Haptic Return: The change in the type of terrain will be noticed on the controller, as the different texture of each terrain crossed by the bike.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech: The sound has been engineered to give a high quality “sound image” to the world we explore, with a particular emphasis on the dimensional accuracy of the origin of sounds.
  • Fast Loading: Near-instant loading times make this adventure an almost instant experience to try without delays or wasted time.

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We are very excited to allow players to take the time to experience the world of SEASON: A Letter to the Future, a game that has a sense of loss and nostalgia as every player feels (for various reasons). Our choices, what we choose to record or photograph and what we discover about the game every hour of play, is a succession of discoveries and learning. Along the way, many decisions will be made, sincerely, about how to help the characters in the game and this is something that has influenced us as we develop this project and will affect everyone who plays it, there is.”- said Kevin Sullivan, creative director of SEASON: A Letter to the Future.

SEASON: A letter to the future will be released this fall on PC, Playstation 5 and Playstation 4.


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