a first test “more complicated than expected”


Yesterday we had a great day of sport. Of course we need to talk a little about tennis as the National Bank Open is currently in full swing in Montreal and Toronto.

The victories of Bianca Andreescu and Félix Auger-Aliassime particularly delighted fans across the country.

But what also made the country happy was seeing Team Canada Junior take the measure of Latvians in the club’s first game at the World Junior Championship in Alberta.

While it was more complicated than expected, Dave Cameron’s men won in front of a not-so-cheering crowd of 2,779 fans.

No, a summer tournament and a huge scandal at Hockey Canada aren’t exactly good for the public.

It was therefore difficult next to the ice, but it must be said that even on ice as such it was not easy. After all, Dave Cameron (Canadian coach) said it: Latvia played more than well.

They put on a solid collective performance. They didn’t cheat on the defensive and their goalkeeper made some tough saves. – Dave Cameron

The difficulty with a summer tournament is that the boys don’t have the usual synchronization. Finding him against the Latvians may have prompted some players not to give their all, which explains the only 5-2 and lack of opportunism.

But once again we must give credit to the opponents, who wanted the victory … and who did not see Connor Bedard repeat his exploits last winter, during the original presentation of the tournament.

It will be remembered that the youngster had scored four goals in one match this winter. That said, yesterday he found the bottom of the net once again and picked up an assist in the match.

And his goal was one.

It’s pretty crazy to think that without that goal (via NHL-caliber shot, let’s face it), Canada would have been 1-0 behind when they entered the locker room after 20 minutes of play.

And this, despite 18 shots against only four for the opponents.

But ok. Canada will have to work on their indiscipline to overcome their biggest opponents in their group and make their way into the tournament.

Yesterday, in the third period, Maple Leaf scored five infractions and this opened the doors to the Latvians, who scored their second and final goal in power play.

Yet, during the first 40 minutes, Dave Cameron’s men avoided the dungeon.

Instead, in the second half, it was the Latvians who showed indiscipline and this opened the doors to Canada, which scored a brace with one more man. At Lukas Cormier’s goal, Joshua Roy also collected his first point of the tournament.

During the match, Roy did well. He didn’t necessarily produce offensively as he hopes against Latvia, but at the same time it was his first match of the tournament and not all of them hit the mark.

The other hope of the CH involved in this match, Riley Kidney, was the 13th forward. He played little (six appearances on ice), but made sure his name was still remembered.

Tonight, Canada will face Slovakia, which will be a bigger challenge than Latvia.

In other games yesterday, Sweden beat Switzerland and Germany beat Austria in a duel that didn’t exactly see the Edmonton crowd compete.

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