A 3rd Schumacher in Formula 1


After his father, Michael, seven-time world champion, and his uncle Ralf, six-time Formula 1 winner, Mick will be the third Schumacher to take part in the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Some might recklessly believe that the 23-year-old German made it to Formula 1 thanks to his famous surname.

While this certainly helped spark media interest in him from a young age, the driver truly deserved his place in F1. In fact, he was crowned European champion of F3 in 2018, then of F2 in 2020. With his two titles, he joined the Ferrari Academy and settled in Haas in 2021.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to see Mick win at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, like his father and uncle did before him. Sure, the Haas VF-22 has proven that it has the pace to play race points by race, but the Ferraris, Red Bulls and Mercedes of this world are almost in another class.

A more experienced teammate

The opportunity will be great, however, to shine for the young man who suffers a lot from the comparison with his teammate Kevin Magnussen, much more experienced than him.

After the Azerbaijani GP, Magnussen was effectively 15-0 in points.

Kevin Magnussen

Mick was also one of only two full-time drivers on the grid, with Canadian Nicholas Latifi (Williams) whose counter was still zero after seven races.

In his second career Grand Prix, his famous father scored his first points in F1 with a fifth place at the legendary Monza circuit in Italy in 1991.

And it was his 18th participation, at the Belgian GP in 1992, that he achieved the first of his 91 wins.

harsh criticism

Mick’s results are therefore disappointing this season and his strong propensity to destroy his car does not work in his favor.

A budget cap went into effect this year, and his two major crashes, including the one that split his car in two in Munich, aren’t helping him build his confidence or ease the concerns of his bosses. These two detours cost his American employer dearly.


The German media were also very strict with him after the Monegasque stopover.

Magazine AutoBild he had been particularly keen to say that his crashes would endanger his future in F1.

His uncle Ralf had also been tough, telling Sky Sport in his column that it was a “you can’t afford to make” mistake, and that it had “budgetary consequences for the crew”.

Haas director Günther Steiner himself had hinted that things had to change.

“With Mick, of course, we saw what happened. It’s not very satisfying to have a big accident again. We have to see how we move forward from now on, “he said during his press conference in Munich.

Vettel in his defense

However, according to many, it is too early to give up the game.

Mentoring the son of his childhood idol, Sebastian Vettel defended Mick after the Monaco GP.

Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.


Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

The quadruple world champion also believes that the media should leave him … alone.

“I have no doubt he can do better than what he is currently showing,” said teammate Lance Stroll.

Be that as it may, Schumacher’s name holds special significance for racing fans from Quebec and Canada, and there is no doubt that Mick’s presence will make an impression in Montreal.


A historic double in Montreal


The one-two for the brothers Ralf and Michael Schumacher in 2001 is certainly one of the moments that marked the Canadian Grand Prix.

Starting from second position on the starting grid, Ralf spent a good part of the race behind Michael (Ferrari). After some unsuccessful overtaking attempts, he took the lead during the final pit stop round.

So he never worried and signed his second of six career wins. It was also the first time in Formula 1 history that two brothers climbed the top two steps of the podium.

They achieved the feat a total of five times. The Germans made it back to Canada two years later, this time with Michael in the lead. The GP of France in 2001, of Brazil in 2002 and of Japan in 2004 are the other events.


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