7 of the best roguelites to let off steam on PS4 and PS5


Game news 7 of the best roguelites to let off steam on PS4 and PS5

Roguelites are types of games featuring repetitive gameplay that makes you die over and over to continue; but unlike roguelikes there is an ending. Today the JV editorial team offers you a selection of the best roguelites to explore the genre.


  • The bond of Isaac: repentance
  • Dead cells
  • Hades
  • Moonlight
  • Return
  • Rogue legacy
  • Streets of Snape

The bond of Isaac: repentance

The bond of Isaac: repentance it is one of the best known roguelites. It tells the misadventures of Isaac, a boy who locks himself in a trap door to escape the murderous madness of his mother. He imagines a labyrinthine world where each room is a new test. On your way you will have to get rid of monsters, angels and demons and collect ever more powerful items. Your ultimate goal will be to eliminate your mother to get out of your nightmares. This release includes all previous editions of The Binding of Isaac (Rebirth, Afterbirth and Afterbirth +), as well as Repentance, the game’s latest expansion.

Dead cells

You play as a paladin on the run from a labyrinthine castle. This is inhabited by dozens and dozens of monsters blocking your escape and you will need to get rid of them. These targets release dead cells which are used to upgrade weapons. To complicate matters, no save points get to unload you and each death brings you inexorably back to the beginning of your journey. Dead cells It still encourages you to hit when you’re at your worst, because hitting with an orange life bar allows you to regain life. The weapons left along the way allow you to vary the fights and choose your favorite style of play. And when browsing the bestiary, it is towards the weapon upgrades that the player turns to continue the gaming experience.


In this game you play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, king of the Underworld. He has decided to challenge his father to return to the surface, but will have to oppose his father’s henchmen who prevent him from climbing. Our hero always goes through the same rooms in the same order, but with enemies that are worth seeing. In Hades, six weapons are available and with each game the skills improve, making it possible to come back more and more powerful. In addition to the gameplay, it is the art direction that impresses and the equally successful voice acting.


Moonlight it is not just a roguelite, as it allies itself with the management of the store. You play Will, a merchant who, thanks to his backpack, retrieves everything he finds. These objects, you will have to resell them to interested parties who will make the best offer. The capacity of your bag is not unlimited and you will have to carefully choose what takes his place. It is on this side of the gameplay that the management is placed, because it will be necessary to optimize this space. You cannot place any objects anywhere. Despite the repetitive mechanics, the multiplicity of gameplay refreshes the genre. Added to this is a specific weapon production system that you will use to kill monsters.


We can tell Return it stands out on a roguelite level, because it is far from 2D side scrolling games or the usual overhead views. The story begins with the crash of a spaceship on the exoplanet Atropos. On board is Selene who has no choice but to explore this unknown world. She discovers she is locked in a time cycle where each death brings her back to the crash site. You don’t necessarily come back empty-handed, as narrative information scattered throughout the game allows you to learn more about the planet and your heroine. The game encourages you to explore this unknown but inhabited land and this is where the gameplay of the TPS and the thriller comes out.

Rogue legacy

Although the license recently offered a second work, Rogue legacy it is as much a cult as the latter. The game is a 2D platformer that allows you to embody different characters with a sometimes very limited lifespan. Face off against dozens of cursed creatures with the aim of getting out of this labyrinth. Be careful because you remain relatively weak, you are only equipped with a simple sword and a spell which is not always enough to survive. Fortunately, you can count on mana, armor, or critical hit improvements that allow you to kill previously inaccessible monsters. It is also possible to unlock new skills such as sprinting, double jumping, flying …

Streets of Snape

That’s not underground Streets of Snape it only leads us to equally dangerous homes. Here the player chooses his hero from twenty choices, although only twelve are available from the start. To unlock the rest of the adventure, you will need to successfully complete a few missions each time, such as releasing prisoners in a police station, a bank robbery, or rescuing citizens kidnapped by the local mafia. Obviously your starting character choice will have an impact on how you solve these missions. This title has the distinction of being able to be played with up to four players on the same screen.


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