5 good reasons to implement SEA campaigns on Microsoft


Use the Microsoft Advertising platform to reach new potential customers and increase your market share.

Very often, when we talk about Microsoft, we think more about the company’s Windows operating system than the Microsoft Advertising purchasing platform, which allows you to manage sponsored link campaigns on the Bing search engine.

In paid referencing, Google is an undisputed and essential leader in the sector, accounting for a world market share of 92% in 2022.

For its part, Microsoft is positioning itself as a challenger in the industry with a significant market share, of nearly 4% in 2021 all devices combined and moving to Desktop, up to nearly 18% with Bing, MSN, Yahoo !, Qwant or Ecosia (source:

In light of these figures, many advertisers are wondering about the usefulness of implementing sponsored links on this platform. Isn’t it better to focus your time and effort on Google campaigns that will have the biggest impact on your business? Finally, is there interest in embarking on the Microsoft adventure?

Cheaper traffic

In view of the volumes of searches observed on the engines, advertisers often favor the launch of their SEA campaigns on Google to the detriment of Microsoft. Less competitive pressure therefore results in cheaper CPCs (cost-per-click). For example, on one of our insurance customers, the generic CPC is nearly twice as low on Microsoft as it is on Google (in the first quarter of 2022). So when your budget is tight, it’s interesting to maximize your Microsoft investment to increase your traffic at a lower cost.

An incremental audience

Users of the Bing or Yahoo engines are generally Internet users other than Google. Betting on Microsoft in addition to Google, therefore, allows you to generate incremental traffic, in particular to reach prospects and new customers, or to compensate for a slowdown in volumes on Google.In the entertainment sector, for example, Microsoft can help increase traffic global search of nearly 25%.

Linkedin targeting possible

One of the benefits of the Microsoft Advertising platform is the ability to target Internet users based on many Linkedin-related criteria. A real advantage, especially for BtoB advertisers who wish to target, for example, a specific professional category. You will thus be able to increase your presence on your core target, or even customize your message based on your offers and the needs of your customers.

Better profitability

Microsoft users generally tend to convert more with slightly higher average baskets. Combined with lower CPCs, profitability is therefore often better than Google. If your main goal is ROI, this platform will allow you to effectively meet your expectations.

On one of our cosmetic clients, we were able to invest 8% of the global research budget, to generate 11% of the incremental turnover.

Easy management thanks to Google synchronization

A common problem with Microsoft activation is the time-to-benefit ratio. A very useful feature to simplify this time is the automatic import of campaigns from Google into the Microsoft Advertising interface. Several techniques allow you to do this mirroring directly from the platforms or through third-party solutions such as SA360 or Kenshoo, with the possibility of synchronizing only some elements.

Finally, launching sponsored link campaigns on Microsoft will allow you to generate incremental volumes thanks to the possibility of reaching new prospects and thus potentially increasing your market share.


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