10 discounted Switch games you shouldn’t miss


Looking for cheap games to download to your Switch? Luckily: Nintendo is on sale right now, and there are some great games available at very low prices.

We have therefore prepared a list of 10 essential discounted games for you to download to your Switch.

Monkey outside

Price: $ 4.72

In Ape Out, you play a captive monkey who escapes from his cage to save himself while taking revenge on his captors.

The genius of Ape Out is the way the music combines the action and the unique visuals. Every time you break down a door or a skull, you can hear some percussion and create a real symphony of jazz and violence.

At that price, it’s a must!


Price: $ 2.49

Florence is a unique game like I’ve never seen it before. You are invited to experience the ups and downs of a love story in a game that tells its adventures through small and simple actions; tidy up her room, brush her teeth, post a photo.

A magnificent and touching story told in a simple way, without words or dialogue and which is completed in about thirty minutes.

Raise Ho

Price: $ 5.03

We can finally start having friends again and Heave Ho is the perfect game to entertain your guests.

In this party game, you have to create “human” chains to successfully achieve your goal. Will you be able to successfully throw your teammates towards the end of the level or will you throw them into a bottomless pit instead?

One thing is certain; the laughs will be numerous.

The messenger

Price: $ 10.07

The Messenger is possibly one of the best games ever developed in Quebec. In this tribute to Ninja Gaiden, you play a ninja tasked with carrying a message to the top of a mountain.

But what appears to be a simple search becomes more complex as the drawing of the game deepens. Brought by a game Accurate, satisfying, and hilarious writing, The Messenger is a memorable game that you’ll want to play again and again.

Daughter of light

Price: $ 6.74

When Aurora dies, she wakes up in a mysterious realm populated by fascinating creatures. Accompanied by a luminous fairy, she tries to come back to life to comfort her grieving father.

Developed by Ubisoft, this beautiful game feels like stepping into an interactive fairy tale, with graphics reminiscent of watercolor illustrations and a breathtaking soundtrack from Coeur de Pirate.

Donuts County

Price: $ 4.49

Developed by Ben Esposito (who just launched the acclaimed Neon White), Donut County is something of an inverted Katamari Damacy; instead of creating a bigger and bigger ball, you swallow the city with a bigger and bigger hole.

Full of humor, Donut County is an uplifting experience that will make you laugh out loud at every turn.

Mario Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Gold Edition)

Price: $ 20.89

Launched very early in the life of Switch and featuring the famous Mario, Mario + Rabbids is still too little known.

Largely inspired by XCOM, this turn-based strategy game pits the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom and Rabbids against a host of silly enemies.

The Gold version also includes DLC with Donkey Kong & Co.

Rayman Legends

Price: $ 14.99

If you are a fan of 2D platform games, you CANNOT miss out on Rayman Legends. This platformer offers precise and satisfying controls, a punchy visual style and a memorable soundtrack.

Plus, the title is overflowing with content, giving you enough to occupy long hours.

Don’t sulk for your own pleasure and jump on Rayman Legends, especially at this price point.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – Complete Edition

Price: $ 6.79

Scott Pilgrim has long been a cult game that sadly became inaccessible after the copyright expired.

Fortunately, Ubisoft brought this excellent title back last year, allowing a wider audience to rediscover the game. Scott Pilgrim is a retro fighting game that pays homage to 8-bit era classics like Mega Man and River City Ransom.

An excellent game, at a price that cannot be refused.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered + Valkyria Chronicles 4

Price: $ 29.39

Valkyria Chronicles is a series of strategies that mix turn-based and real-time combat, a unique and fun blend, but one that must be seen to understand.

The series places us in an alternate version of WWII where some superpowers exist and change the course of the war.

A unique series of the highest quality. Plus, at this price, you get access to two games of nearly 40 hours each. An advantage!


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