🔥 Sales | A discount coupon not to be missed for the ultra-powerful LAOTIE ES19 electric scooter (100 km / h) for € 1426


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The LAOTIE ES19 electric scooter

The LAOTIE ES19 scooter offers enormous performance, an improved battery compared to other models of the brand with a range of up to 135 km. In each wheel there is a motor with a power of up to 3000 W, for a total of 6000 W. With this power, the speed of this scooter can exceed 100 km / h.

Of course, the machine structure is built accordingly with a supported load of 200 kg. As for safety, the LAOTIE ES19 has a double disc brake system, LED lights, etc.

The Banggood merchant’s website unveils a coupon to be used on the LAOTIE ES19 electric scooter, generating the most interesting savings. This promotional code in fact reduces its price to 1426.67 euros (excluding the optional shipping guarantee). An offer not to be underestimated even in this period of Summer Sales in France. Adding the delivery costs of 9.71 euros using the “EU Priority Line” delivery method and without subscribing to the optional shipping guarantee, the total price including shipping costs is 1436.38 euros.

To take advantage of this promotion, go to This Page. When validating your order, the discount coupon to indicate is BG7bb6a3. In order to use this discount coupon, you must be logged in to your Banggood account (to be created for free if necessary). In order to guarantee the transaction, on the good receipt of the ordered item in time but also on the good quality of this, you have the possibility of a payment by PayPal. Small attention, the quantities available in promotion are limited. It will therefore be the fastest that can benefit from it.

The LAOTIE ES19 electric scooter

Warning: In consideration of its power, the LAOTIE ES19 must be used in strict compliance with current legislation.

Information about the Banggood online merchant

Online merchant Banggood is seeing its popularity increase. We understand why: this international site sells electronic equipment, from cell phones to quadcopters and connected homes, at prices that are usually cheaper than traditional heavyweights in online sales.

We are used to the well-known giants of our country, the Americans Amazon and eBay, the French Cdiscount and Rakuten (ex Price-Minister). Banggood is a trader targeting the whole world whose borderless expansion is completely presupposed. Therefore the prices shown may be slightly changed between two steps on the site. This is caused by the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the euro displayed for an Internet user located in Europe and the dollar used as a reference.

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