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The green LED indicates that the numeric keypad is enabled.

the numeric keypad it is a section of the computer keyboard usually located in the rightmost part, which allows, depending on the mode activated, to enter numbers and the decimal separator, or to control the cursor and the insertion of characters. It also contains the operation signs, as well as a validation key.

The Num Lock key turns the numeric keypad (The numeric keypad is a section of a computer keyboard that is usually found on …) from one modality to another; when in digit entry mode, this is usually indicated by a steady LED.

On the keyboard macintosh (Macintosh (pronounced / makintɔʃ /) or Mac is a series of different …)there is no ‘Num Lock’ key (except for laptops, see below) and only ‘Digit Entry’ mode is available.

Arrangement of keys

Mac, standard
(ANSI and ISO standards)
Macintosh, Japanese
(JIS standard)
PC, French
= / *
7 8 9
4 5 6 +
1 2 3
0 .
= / *
7 8 9
4 5 6 +
1 2 3
0 , .
Door lock
/ *
5 6
To insert (The Insert key (sometimes abbreviated to INS) is common on most computer keyboards ….)


The 5 key is marked and must be used with the middle finger while typing. the pebble (A pebble is a block of stone or concrete with a cubic or parallelepiped shape used in …) digital (Digital information is information …) it is very convenient for entering numbers, unlike the number row located above the area containing the letters, because it is often only accessible with the Shift key (depending on the layout of the keyboard).

Laptop computer

Notebooks up to 15 “, to save space, usually do not have a numeric keypad, because the functions they provide are already provided by other parts of the keyboard. However, pressing the Fn + NumLock keys can often activate this keypad on the letters below. the numbers 789. On the other hand, numeric keypads are also marketed as independent peripherals. From 16 “more and more laptops have a digital keypad (HP, Toshiba …).


The term “numeric keyboard” is not used (unknown) in Quebec where “numeric keyboard” or the English word “keyboard” is preferred.

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