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moon spit
Kingdom bacteria
Division (Division is a law of composition that associates the product of the first with two numbers …) Cyanobacteria
Class Cyanoficee
Order Nostocales
Family Nostocaceae
Vaucher ex Bornet and Flahault

The Nostoc (Nostocaceae), constitute a group of cyanobacteria, i.e. prokaryotic organisms that carry out the photosynthesis (Photosynthesis (Greek φῶς phōs, light and …) and nitrogen-fixing, which resemble algae but can live on terrestrial substrates in large colonies, eventually forming gelatinous masses that evoke some algae, particularly when their structures swell withwater (Water is an omnipresent chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone …) After to rain (Rain generally refers to the precipitation of water in the state …) or in rainy weather. Their discretion when they are dehydrated and the rapidity of their turgor when they are exposedhumidity (Humidity is the presence of water or water vapor in the air or in a substance …) made believe they were falling from sky (The sky is the earth’s atmosphere as seen from the planet earth.)hence their name spit of moon (The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the fifth largest satellite in the world …) Where is it “star jelly, witch butter And tin eggs for English speakers.

One of the many forms of nostoc, here taken from a substrate with a very basic pH, on the edge of a channel, in the north (North is a cardinal point, opposite south.) from France

View (Sight is the sense that allows us to observe and analyze the environment through reception and …) substrate colonized by them species (In the life sciences, the species (from the Latin species, “type” …) de nostoc (same place as the photo above)


They are pioneer species, which can live in poor and basic environments. To form (In pitch, fundamental frequency changes are perceived as variations of …) sometimes real carpets, in which they play a very important role it matters (Matter is the substance that makes up any body having a tangible reality. Its …) soil protection from erosion wind turbine (A wind turbine is a device that uses the driving force of the wind. This force can be …) and water and the dehydration on certain sloping or semi-desert terrain. When they die and degrade they help form the organic material (Organic matter (OM) is the carbonaceous matter typically produced by …) of the ground.
Their intensive harvesting in China is one of the causes of increased erosion and degradation of some very vulnerable soils.


Some species, when living in colonies, have the appearance of balls (a few millimeters in size diameter (In a circle or sphere, the diameter is a line segment passing through the center …) has a centimeter (One centimeter (cm symbol) is 10-2 = 0.01 meter.) about) which can confuse them with mushrooms. Other species of consistent colonies form lamellar ensembles, very thin because they are translucent, often circular with swollen or blistered edges and which can reach 4-6 cm in diameter. The similarity with a seaweed (Algae are living beings capable of photosynthesis whose life cycle is …) is everything (The whole understood as the whole of what exists is often interpreted as the world or …) absolutely amazing. The fact remains that we are actually dealing with it bacteria (Bacteria (bacteria) are prokaryotic single-celled living organisms, characterized …) from theindividual (The Wiktionary is a free and open source dictionary project similar to Wikipedia (both …) the single-celled colony does not have a nucleus.

The shape assumed by other species, on the other hand, evokes long and fine hair green (Green is a complementary color corresponding to light that has a wavelength …) dark. The latter, which grow in oligotrophic environments deficient in nitrogen (Nitrogen is a chemical element of the pnictogen family, symbol N and …) of the Qinghai Plateau and the desert (The word desert today designates a barren area or not very favorable to …) of Gobi were highly sought after by kitchen (Cooking is the set of techniques for preparing food in view of their …) Chinese who uses them under the name of That is fat (Flagelliform Nostoc), especially during celebrations, including that of the new year (A year is a unit of time that expresses the duration between two occurrences of a related event …) lunar (For homonyms, see Pierrot lunaire, a vocal music work by Arnold Schönberg.). Their consumption is now prohibited in China because the species was taken so much that it risked extinction](on the red list), and also secretes toxins (Beta-N-methylamino-L-alanine) that can seriously damage the Health (Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and it is not …) consumers. Finally, many adulterated products were sold. Another (ball-shaped) species is sold dehydrated in China for cooking.


The Nostoc belong Ormogoneaehaving the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen through particular structures, heterocysts, differentiated cells with thicker walls observable under the microscope, which contain a enzyme (An enzyme is a molecule (protein or RNA in the case of ribozymes) that allows …) particular, nitrogenase.

Equipped with a thick envelope that makes them clearly visible under the microscope, heterocysts result from the differentiation of vegetative cells. This process occurs when the organism is deficient in the mineral nitrogen and occurs in 3 to 7% of the cells in the colony.

They are very resistant to drying.


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