“You are no longer the same person”


For a year Yoann Perez, Elisabeth Fournier, Guillaume Perez and the dog Jackson sat on a 37 foot sailboat. Their goal? Make a double crossing of the Atlantic and document it all by yourself, on video. Thus the series was born catch the windwhose last episode aired last Thursday.

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They traveled a total of 8000 nautical miles. A year of adventures, challenges and memories carved forever for the three young globetrotters who take their places aboard the blueberry. A sailboat named in honor of the trio’s Quebec roots who also liked the reference to blueberries which, after a fire, are among the first to regrow vigorously.

“He’s lively, dynamic, humane and simple,” explains Yoann Perez, 32, when asked to describe their 10-episode series. We are not professionals, so it is natural and rather raw in content, even if a production house made us a great montage. “

Presented on Évasion, this series, which has become a logbook and a souvenir album, has won over many fans of adventure, travel and sailing. Even the animal friends, while the dog of the couple trained by Yoann and Elisabeth, Jackson, “has become a true sea dog” – is responsible for adding an absolutely cute side to this fantastic journey.

“It was a childhood dream for me to buy a sailboat and cross an ocean,” adds Yoann. Eli and my brother Guigui boarded with me. Together, we decided to cross the Atlantic, visit the islanders and see what is happening with the oceans. The TV and cinema side was part of my dream. “

Favorite of the ocean

This double crossing of the Atlantic took them from the Maddalena Islands to the Azores, then from Cape Verde to Guadeloupe, a country where the two French brothers lived part of their childhood and adolescence.

From these crosses, Yoann has amassed a lot of memories and favorites. Among them: when he caught a shark with a fishing rod (and then released it), when a sperm whale came out of the water while the trio and also the dog were bathing in the ocean and arriving ashore “when the clouds get thicker and you see a piece of land coming,” he says.

As for his 3 adventure favorites, he first insists on meeting people (“kindness, values”). Then, the fact of reviewing this Guadeloupe left 17 years ago in the company of his brother. Finally, the arrivals in different and euphoric cities, because reached after real battles.

“We have lived it all in this adventure, continues the man who is about to launch his own specialized travel agency to convey his passion. Love, difficulties, even death (a person we met during the trip died), surprises, encounters with animals and successes: we lived everything to the fullest! We were not disappointed in nature! “

It is this nature that Yoann – who claims to be one day open to other TV projects – now places at the center of everything. You meet less material and more human, live more simply, make small gestures, consume less plastic, eat locally and give priority to nature that has welcomed them so well during this year that they will never forget.

Series catch the wind will be re-aired on Évasion this summer.


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