Who will take the crown of District 31?


I saw the first few episodes ofIndefensible. I saw the first few episodes of STATISTICS. Verdict, diagnosis? In this epic war of the 7:00 pm daily series, which begins Monday night, neither TVA nor Radio-Canada will lose the case or abandon its patient.

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Here are two well-paced and incisive series, each of which causes strong adrenaline rushes. It is clear that I will follow both. No choice, your honor. Because for the moment there is no title that crushes another.

I would say, however, that the first four episodes ofIndefensible explode like dynamite on the screen. Editing is super jerky, effective, and the texture falls off at top speed.

Within 22 minutes of the first episode ofIndefensible, there is a house raid, a teenage rape, a shooting, crazy twin brothers, a police officer accused of road rage and a very sleazy psychiatrist, not to mention the introduction of all the employees of the law firm Lapointe-MacDonald at the heart of the series, as well as their counterparts at the court. Great feat by the writing team – there are eight of them – and no missteps in this complex televised ballet.

And it seems that TVA, for months, has polished these four half hours like a precious stone. Shooting, almost all outdoors, took place in February, with heavy snow and Siberian cold. It is also disconcerting to see Sébastien Delorme’s character, criminal lawyer Léo MacDonald, get out of his car in front of an industrial building in the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s like being in the (fire) police station parking lot District 31. Same long black coat, same camera shots, same aerial shots of Montreal, it’s stunning.

The team challengeIndefensible will be to maintain this restless pace.

As in District 31, Indefensible scrolls small files into larger files, which are spread over more than a week. The story knitted around psychiatrist Martin Charbonneau (Christian Bégin) hooks us and leaves us with a big surprise in the Thursday episode, a classic District 31 to spark speculation on the weekend.

STATISTICS however, she has the most powerful weapon to go to war, actress Suzanne Clément, better than her rival Sébastien Delorme. She shines in the “scrubs” of Emmanuelle St-Cyr, a devoted and committed emergency doctor, borderline police detective, who runs on adrenaline. Furthermore, to deeply immerse viewers in this hospitable universe, the first four episodes of STATISTICS it will last an hour each, an idea proposed by Luc Dionne, producer Fabienne Larouche revealed. This is to show you how much TVA and Radio-Canada are betting big on their 7pm foals.

STATISTICS it also opens with a great drama, the sudden death of the spouse of DD. Emmanuelle St-Cyr, who will live her mourning very badly. In terms of storytelling, STATISTICS approaches Grey’s Anatomy the one of District 31. Unlike Luc Dionne, who has focused on police cases, author Marie-Andrée Labbé sheds light on the personal lives of the employees of Montreal’s Saint-Vincent hospital, who regularly organize well-watered dinners.

In addition to dD. St-Cyr, the group of friends-colleagues, brings together the psychiatrist Philippe Dupéré (Patrick Labbé), the surgeon Isabelle Granger (Geneviève Schmidt) and the assistant beneficiary Éric Perron (Stéphane Rousseau). As you can imagine, there is a romance in the hospital and special medical cases, let’s say. The first few episodes feature a psychotic patient hearing voices on the intercom, agitated people on the Activan, teenagers shooting guns in broad daylight and an attack on a nurse in “mandatory overtime”, the famous TSO.

Indefensible adheres more to the formula with twists District 31. Defense lawyers, camped by Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Nour Belkhiria and Michel Laperrière, are carrying out investigations in parallel, which push the action in unexpected directions. I love the Crown Attorney, M.And Sonia Cadet, played by Marilyse Bourke, who regularly fights with her eternal rival Léo MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme), a confident and honest criminal lawyer. Of course, any set of avocados comes with a rotten apple, MAnd Frédéric Legrand (Martin David Peters), who dates the wrong people and who has a shit temper, we are not afraid of words. In the competing show, Isabelle Blais inherits the role of the ugly hospital director.

STATISTICS is full of well-defined secondary characters, including the fiery emergency doctor Jacob Faubert (Lou-Pascal Tremblay), the devoted nurse Sophia St-Jean (Ludivine Reding), the gossipy physiotherapist (Pascale Renaud-Hébert), the rigid director of professional services Pascal St Cyr (Normand D’Amour) and the unbalanced social worker (Virginie Ranger-Beauregard).

WhileIndefensible plunges into heavy arguments, STATISTICS sprays his scenes more with lighter bubbles, which relax the atmosphere.

This perfect balance of jokes and intense drama pushed District 31 on the top. For now, and with its darker aspect, Indefensible bets more on electroshock, while STATISTICSwith a brighter bill, he sets out on an in-depth exploration of the psychological flaws of his main characters.

And who will put on his head the precious golden crown of District 31 ? Difficult to predict. The habit of listening to a newspaper at 7pm has existed on Radio Canada for 30 years. For its part, Quebecor has invested a lot of money in the cross-promotion ofIndefensiblewhich even had a title on Pierre-Olivier Zappa’s 22:00 TVA Nouvelles.

Surely in the first weeks there will be curiosity and zapping. Then the viewers, for lack of time or interest, will opt for doctors, lawyers or both, why not, live the recorders and catch up!

For the curious, STAT means “immediately, immediately” in medical parlance. How to: intubate his STAT! Inject him with a STAT tranquilizer! Stop this columnist from writing questionable legal analogies and STAT hospital!

Message received. This section ends here STAT!


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