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With their unique pen and their sensitivity, the artists present us, in turn, their vision of the world around us. This week we give free rein to Mariana Mazza.

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September 20, 2022. Gatineau. I leave the stage. I go to my dressing room to change, pack and prepare to meet my audience. What I love and respect. He who forgives my missteps and cheers on my good moves. The one who tries to understand my flaws and admires my difference. The one that stayed with me when others said I was wrong. That I had talked too much. Been too happy. Intense.

As I leave my dressing room, I remember that I have to meet Lise, Guy Lafleur’s sister. She had contacted me the day after my visit to Everyone talks about ittwo years ago, to tell me that she and her family loved the alchemy I had with Guy and that the Lafleurs bought 10 tickets to come and see me perform in Gatineau.

That evening in February 2020, however, returning home after the show aired, I remember being amazed by the violence of some people towards me on social networks.

On the air, I had just thrown “my tabarnak” to Guy Lafleur, after a mockery of him. Then the two of us looked at each other. Then our heads moved back slightly to make the sound of a fat, honest laugh. One who does good. Which hurts my stomach.

Upon returning home, I felt blessed by this kind man. This man adored for generations. We had this unique, public moment for us, but for everyone. People had witnessed our complicity. No photos, no autographs could have matched this moment.

I was not the best fan by Guy Lafleur, but like many people, I liked him. There, I was under the spell of this legendary man. I had lived this majestic, almost funny moment with him.

I never understood the hours that followed. The frustration of some, the anger of others. According to many, I had disrespected the legend. Still, our giggles testified to something else. My joy and euphoria had turned into questioning, sadness, great anxiety.

Still, I had had the blessing of her sister who was thrilled to extend this new relationship between her brother and me, the time of a show.

We returned on September 20th. I arrive at the theater, through the corridor that leads me to Lise and her daughter. The two beautiful women welcome me like a family. A hug. A kiss. A bright look. Last time we spoke, Lise told me that unfortunately the family couldn’t come to the show. Guy had been diagnosed with him. He was too sick and frail to move in a crowd. I had been optimistic. I thought it was temporary. That the Lafleurs would come back another time.

Guy already looked frail during our TV meeting. I had no idea that my first meeting with him would be my last. Having known. I don’t know what else I would have done, but I would not have avoided my joy by reading everything people could say about me.

Lise hands me an envelope.

“Guy left you a present. ”

My heart argues.

It is a photograph of our moment. The one that pissed people off. What allowed me a contact, true, with the legend.

He loved meeting you. He didn’t know he was sick when he signed the photo. I think he liked your lightness with him.

Lise Lafleur, Guy Lafleur’s sister

In the photo, a sentence: “For Mariana, with friendship, Guy Lafleur. ”

Thanks, Lisa.

I don’t know what Guy is doing right now, but if I were with him, I’d give him a thumbs up and laugh out loud.

Thank you, my tabarnak.

I love.

Rest in peace.


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