We have to repatriate the Seville Films catalog


When our businesses fall into the hands of foreign companies, they inevitably become at the mercy of decisions made abroad. And when the head strangers decide to turn the plague, it’s really a shame for us. We have no say in the matter.

This has just happened with the decision of the American multinational Hasbro, which has just ordered Les Films Sevilla to end its distribution service in feature films.

Seville Films is a subsidiary of Entertainment One, which the multinational Hasbro, which specializes in the sale of games, figurines, toys and soft toys, acquired in December 2019, shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, for an astronomical figure of 3, US $ 8 billion (over 4.8 billion Canadian dollars).

The closure of Seville Films is all the more catastrophic for Quebec culture as Seville was not only Quebec’s largest film distributor, but is also the distributor with the largest catalog of Quebec films.

  • Listen to Olivier Bourque, economic journalist at the microphone of Marc-André Leclerc on QUB radio:


There is no doubt that other Quebec distributors will go to great lengths to try and persuade producers accustomed to doing business with Les Films Sevilla to sell them their next feature films.

This group includes, among others: Opale Films, Maison 4: 3, K-Films America, Axia Films, TVA Films, Filmoption International, etc.

The problem ? None of the existing Quebec distributors have invested as much money in the distribution and promotion of Quebec films in the past as Les Films Sevilla.

We will see…


For the survival of Quebec culture, it is necessary at all costs to repatriate the Quebec feature film catalog held by Les Films Sevilla into the hands of a Quebec company, which also includes films previously distributed by Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm, following its merger with Seville.

This catalog includes The barbarian invasions ; The fall of the American empire ; Fires ; Only the end of the world ; mommy ; 14 days, 12 nights ; 1987 ; 1991 ; Liar ; Good cop, bad cop 2 ; SAT ; 1:54 ; From father to policeman ; The dismantling ; You sleep Nicole ; Gabriella ; The disappearance of the fireflies ; Insha’Allah ; Louis Cyr: The strongest man in the world ; Barefoot at dawn ; Hochelaga, land of souls ; Mafia Inc. ; The Great Seduction ; Sarah prefers to run ; King Dave ; Combined ; My circus ; The time grabber, A revision ; etc

Furthermore, we find Lines of escape by Myriam Bouchard and Catherine Chabot, the new film by prolific Cinémaginaire producer Denise Robert, hitting theaters this week.

For a multinational such as Hasbro, whose sale of toys and games represents 85.3% of its turnover (6.7 billion US dollars, just over 8.6 billion Canadian dollars), the catalog of Seville’s Quebec film is financially nothing but peanuts.

But for us in Quebec, this catalog is worth its weight in cultural gold.

And since the production of our films is largely publicly funded through SODEC (Quebec) and Telefilm (federal), we have a collective interest in repatriating the Quebec Seville Movies film catalog to a Quebec company.


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