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Quite often, when a Quebec TV series is “sold” abroad, it ends up being broadcast on an obscure third party private TV channel, in Poland, at 4am.

Yes, yes, the talent from here shines all over the world, alright, it’s a code language to say that an obscure Croatian antenna was trying to fill its grid with foreign productions that are cheap, that’s it.

This is not at all what happens with the miniseries Vertigo by Michelle Allen, which has undergone a complete remake intended for the Disney+ platform in India and which will start airing on December 9th. Vertigo will be called Autumn in Southeast Asia, a huge market for audiovisual production.

Filmed in Tamil last spring, then dubbed into five languages ​​including Hindi and Marathi, the miniseries Autumn will consist of seven episodes, while the original material, intended for Séries Plus, covered six hours.

Before we continue, what is it Vertigo, already ? you ask. Good question. Broadcast in Spring 2012 by Séries Plus, Vertigo told the story of Daphnée (Fanny Mallette), who fell from the roof of a building and came out of a coma with zero memory. Suicide or disguised murder? This dense family thriller, based on a dubious real estate transaction, also stars Normand Daneau, Monique Spaziani, Marilyn Castonguay, Patrick Hivon, Noémie Godin-Vigneau and Germain Houde.


Fanny Mallette surrounded by the cast of Vertigo

TVA had taken over this production from Pixcom (Indefensible) on its airwaves in the fall of 2014. Vertigo had won the Gémeaux for the best text of a dramatic series and the best director (Patrice Sauvé) in the fall of 2012. End of the appetizer.

Screenwriter Michelle Allen did not ask to proofread or polish the scripts of the seven episodes of Autumnwhich were co-produced by the Asian division of Banijay, the giant that owns, among other things, the formats of Big Brother, Survivor, Peaky Blinders And Black mirror. “For me, the original creation happened here. I wrote Vertigo so that the series says something to people here. I couldn’t tell them how to do it, they know their world better, I let them go, ”said Michelle Allen in a telephone interview.

This is the third time a Michelle Allen series has been revived overseas, with local actors and a new look. TF1 has redone Run away in 2021 as well as For Sarah in 2019. “I was very happy to do it Run away. I find they have kept the essence of the character and the research of him well,” adds Michelle Allen.

According to producer Charles Lafortune, at Pixcom, it is by appearing in the various international television markets (Series Mania, MIPTV, Content London) that the series Vertigo has piqued interest in India. “India is such a big market, they need a lot of content. And does he pay us? At all. It’s territory we’re exploring,” says Charles Lafortune.

The trailer of Autumn heralds a less dark streak than the Quebec version. Indian actress Anjali, who mainly acts in Tamil and Telugu, was chosen to play the role created by Fanny Mallette with us.

In English Canada, the final crank was given last week on the adaptation of Plan B bought by the CBC, which will bring together Karine Vanasse, François Arnaud and Patrick J. Adams, aka prodigy lawyer Mike Ross in Do you live. Scheduled Broadcast: Winter 2023. This is the first season of Plan B with Louis Morissette and Magalie Lépine-Blondeau which was remade in English.

In 2021, the second season of Plan B, the one with Sophie Lorain on Radio-Canada, was also the subject of a Franco-Belgian remake for the TF1 and La une channels. The soap opera 30 lives they underwent the same treatment in Brazil and France.

My mothertwo actresses

The latest episode of My mother it was super intense Tuesday night, on TVA. The bipolar mom and eldest daughter have hit rock bottom, allowing their performers to shine in some very gritty and hard-to-watch scenes. Really, Marilyn Castonguay and Chantal Fontaine carry this miniseries on their shoulders.

Powdered, wrapped up and alone, Valérie (Marilyn Castonguay) was crowned at the door of the garden center where she worked in accounting. The troubled young woman also confided that she miscarried because her mother Chantal (Chantal Fontaine) had slept with her husband Martin (Richard Robitaille). Hello, Serge Boucher, here.

For her part, Chantal was hospitalized in the midst of a crisis of mania. However, we felt more solid at the end of the episode, when she inadvertently overheard her daughter’s alcoholic confidences.

Only two episodes left My mother to complete all storylines. I love this short, punchy format, that doesn’t span 14 seasons. However, I’m not sure how effective it is to hear Chantal’s thoughts in voiceover. It’s a somewhat antiquated process.


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