True Crime File: Riverdale actor allegedly conspired to assassinate Justin Trudeau


In March 2020 the young actor Ryan Grantham (Riverdale, iZombie, supernatural, Diary of a lousy boy, The imagination of Doctor Parnassus) pleaded guilty to second degree murder for killing his mother with a gun. According to CBCthe fallen child star also intended to kill the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

It’s through the magazine People that more details about the ongoing process have been revealed.

This week the 24-year-old actor’s sentencing hearing was held. The latter inevitably found himself before the Supreme Court of British Columbia and according to CBC, during the hearing, the mood and psychological state of the young man was addressed.

At that hearing, Michaela DonnellyThe Crown Attorney was reportedly referring to two psychiatric reports showing the actor had experienced an “intense period of clinical depression” in the months leading up to the crime.

According to the magazine Peoplethe accused is ” punishable by mandatory life imprisonment “.

The sentencing proceedings began on June 13, according to the indictment, and was held to determine how long Grantham will serve before he can apply for parole. “.

It is important to remember that according to the penal code, the minimum minimum period ” the ineligibility for probation for second degree murder is 10 years with a maximum period of 25 years “.

Also according to what was reported by the CBC, the actor who played the character of Jeffrey in Riverdaleon air CW And netflixhe tried the murder and even shot videos “including footage capturing the hours after the crime in which he confesses to the murder and shows his mother’s dead body after he shot her in the head while playing the piano.

In March 2020, after killing his mother, ” Grantham allegedly loaded his car with three rifles, ammo, 12 Molotov cocktails, camping supplies and a map showing directions to Rideau Cottage, where Trudeau lives with his family. “Reported CBC.

Furthermore, Grantham allegedly mentioned, through a statement to the police, as well as excerpts from his diary read in court, his plan to kill the prime minister. However, the actor he never went to Trudeau’s residence and instead went to the Vancouver police headquarters to surrender “, reported Complex.

Also, according to CBC, Grantham ” he had an impulse to commit acts of violence and suicide “The CBC also said the reasons for killing his mother were.” to keep him from seeing the violence he intended to commit “.

Remember that second degree murder automatically leads to life imprisonment The Crown is therefore asking for 17 to 18 years of ineligibility for parole, the CBC reported.

The hearing ended on Wednesday.

More details will follow.


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