Tips To Sweeten Your TV Bill!


It’s a classic, like the sweat-soaked reports at the Fairmount Bagel on a hot day. As soon as the words Netflix, Club Illico, or Amazon Prime appear in a column, emails from angry, disappointed or perplexed readers pile up in my inbox.

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Messages – not at all aggressive, I should add – like this: “I didn’t get on the Netflix train, Crave, etc. I believe and, above all, I still hope that conventional TV with Quebec content will still be accessible to people like us for as long as possible, “says Mario L.

Marie-Josée B. also denounces the small screen of the rich: “You always have to subscribe to different channels. In the long run it becomes frustrating to suggest these types of programs, our finances do not support such amounts. ”

Same budget concern with Patricia B .: “Ending the cost of subscribing to all these platforms, in the context of the current inflation, is not possible and it infuriates me that some of these Quebec series have been subsidized. Why should I pay again to see them? Too bad, I won’t see it Audrey is back Where is it A criminal case “, He observes.

Too many digital platforms, too many automatic credit card additions, too expensive, I understand. When I look at my bills, I take comfort in remembering that I no longer buy $ 60 DVD box sets, which is equivalent to five months of Disney + with unlimited content. The same. The dollars we once invested in collectible series 24of the Soprano you hate Sex and city now they are going through Netflix or Crave.

It’s a global trend: Online TV is now overtaking traditional TV, and Quebec is no exception.

According to a recent report by the University’s Digital Transformation Academy, in our country 71% of families subscribe to at least one subscription to a digital platform, compared to 66% who pay for the so-called traditional cable (or optical fiber). .

Netflix remains the most popular paid service in Quebec with a subscription rate approaching 60%. It’s huge. They are almost two thirds of the population. The American giant Netflix thus eclipses the influence of most of the normal specialized channels of Quebec (Évasion, Historia, Investigation, etc.).

Amazon Prime Video is in second place with a penetration rate of 30%, followed by Disney + (18%), Club Illico (16%), Tou.TV’s Extra (9%) and Crave (8%), also according to the Academy of digital transformation of the Laval University.

For this, without neglecting the contents of Quebec, I suggest the series marketed by Amazon or Netflix. Because readers are consuming more and more programs on these video on demand platforms. Because clearing is fundamental in this digital offering, which is exploding year after year.

In the United States, prestige TV is thriving on Hulu, Paramount + and other HBO Max and less and less on the big networks (CBS, NBC or ABC). Unfortunately for our budgets, this trend will not be reversed.

And yes, accumulating all of these subscriptions is very expensive. But there are tricks to reduce your total bills. First tip: set the limits of one month. Choose a service whose content makes you smile. Subscribe for 30 days, devour your favorite series, then pull the plague. It takes management and discipline, it’s true.

Many of us (guilty, here!) Forget to terminate the agreements after a month of probation and the fees pile up on our visas in small doses of $ 10. We must remain vigilant. Reminder: you can cancel as many times as you want in a year without penalty.

Also, wait until all episodes of a series are released before filling out a subscription form. Increasingly, Netflix and Crave are distilling their hits into one episode a week to keep their subscribers longer. Resist.

Another tip: be patient, especially in the case of Quebec platforms. Don’t forget that Tou.TV’s Club Illic or Extra programs almost always end up on TVA or Radio-Canada. Wait just a few months.

The Honorable, Leo, The defect, Portrait-robot, That’s how I love you, Brain, Reasonable doubt, eye of the storm Where is it Afterall of these titles were first launched on digital shutters before moving to the regular small screen.

For the sake of economy, opt for the less elaborate package. The fundamental thing, what. You need 4K or six screens for viewing Stranger things ? No. Keep it modest and your RRSP will come out better.

Finally, share. Are you the only Disney + subscriber in your gang? Invite your friends over for a group viewing ofOnly murders in the building. On the other hand, do not hesitate to impose yourself a Netflix subscriber to take advantage of its impressive catalog.

Because For sale sunset with two friends and three Aperol Spritzes behind the tie, it’s as bitter and sweet as the love stories of our favorite real estate agents.


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