Thor: love and thunder | Laughter and tears ★★★★


After a series of traumatic events, Thor continues her quest for inner peace, but is interrupted by Gorr, the divinity slayer. The DD. Jane Foster, a former lover of the god of Thunder, has returned to help him anyway.

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Pascal Le Blanc

Pascal Le Blanc
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From the first minute, we are hooked. In short, we feel all the pain of a father. The trailer, however, was all action and humor, with a hint of horror. We also remember that it is a film by Taika Waititi, Oscar winner for the screenplay of jojo rabbit. Like James Gunn, the New Zealand director’s seemingly outlandish works can make you laugh and then cry in an instant.

As far as we’re concerned, we like frequent and drastic tone breaks. But we know they’re not for everyone. Especially since after a first scene held in a white sand desert, we are sent to a chaotic battlefield with saturated colors. The (As) Guardians of the Galaxy defend a people of blue humanoids from an army of small furry creatures. Despite the mess, Thor meditates. Eventually he intervenes and quickly ends the hostilities … not without damage. This clown scene, which stretches a bit, serves to show that Thor goes where he feels he is needed. In fact, she is desperate for a new meaning for his existence that is already several thousand years old.


Christian Bale plays Gorr Thor: Love and thunder.

It is then that a new adversary arises: Gorr, the slaughter of the gods. As the name suggests, this resents divine beings and will spare no one. Christian Bale once again manages to transform. His performance, more nuanced than some previous ones, is both disturbing and captivating. Each of his on-screen appearances eclipses everything else and that’s perhaps why they are (too) few.

The other person who changes Thor’s “plans” is his ex, Jane Foster. Especially since she comes back to her life wearing her own armor and wielding his beloved hammer, Mjölnir: her Stormbreaker ax is even jealous! It’s nice to see Natalie Portman as a superhero full of enthusiasm, but also of doubts. The mighty Thor may be very strong, but we still sense his vulnerability. Despite very different situations, she and Thor find themselves in a similar state of mind. Combined with their common past, this gives a dynamic between the two that is very comical, but mostly human. There are discomforts, impulses, questions …

As we wrote for Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth perfectly masters all facets of his character. He impresses both with his muscles and with his ability to make the Thunder God feel anxious. We also like the sincerity of the friendships he maintains with Valkyrie (the brilliant Tessa Thompson) and Korg (Taika Waititi), who is also the hilarious narrator of the story.

Although the work of the actors is remarkable, Love and thunder it is above all the work of its director. Taika Waititi, who is also co-writer with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, has repeatedly stated that he wants to create an even more eccentric film than Ragnarok. She dazzles the eyes and ears, thanks among other things to four songs by Guns N’Roses. The pace is intense, but lets the crucial scenes breathe. We laugh, we cry, and this, in less than two hours. Hat !


Thor: Love and thunder

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Thor: Love and thunder
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Taika Waititi

With Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale



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