They went through the crisis | Danielle Fichaud’s deus ex machina


Two years later, we hear from entrepreneurs who have witnessed their struggles as the pandemic has paralyzed the economy. Today: Ateliers Danielle Fichaud.

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Marc Tison

Marc Tison
The print

Danielle Fichaud is doing better than two years ago. Much better. “I’m 10 years younger,” she says.

The subtraction would give him 58 springs. The 2020 one looked bad, when the actress and owner of the Ateliers Danielle Fichaud had contacted The print to testify in the series “Facing the crisis”.

Usually unshakably optimistic, then she seemed shocked, almost prostrate.

“It really wasn’t going well,” he recalls.

Closed due to the pandemic, she then lived in a nursing home with her 91-year-old father to accompany her after the loss of her partner in the last 70 years.

His acting school, which specializes in camera work, has been closed for confinement. He did not know how to repay the students enrolled in the April session without putting his study and his teachers at risk. Should he accept the government support loan and borrow his company, which he had always kept the balance sheet?

Conclusion of the article of 14 April 2020: “What will you do in the coming months? […] “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll ask the government for help, at least for me? I don’t know … Please God, I guess …” Maybe a deus ex machina will be born. “

In form ofAline.

In the spring of 2020 we did not know that Danielle Fichaud was playing the role of the imitation mother Céline in Valérie Lemercier’s film. Filming took place in 2019 and the pandemic has thrown dark clouds over the future of the film. “We didn’t even know if he would ever come out.”

The presentation of the film at the Cannes Film Festival and the invitation to walk the red carpet in July 2021 were completely unexpected.

His life then took a new turn.

The sale

It is now April 11, 2022, almost two years after the phone interview of April 9, 2020. It’s the lunch break in the middle of the text analysis class he’s giving to eight young comedians, the latest in a five-week session. .

Danielle Fichaud still teaches in the Danielle Fichaud Ateliers, but the Ateliers Fichaud, as they are now called, no longer belong to Danielle Fichaud.

He sold the business in June 2020.

That was where I was silent, he said. I couldn’t anymore.

Danielle Fichaud

The turning point occurred during this fateful spring of 2020, when the weight of his administrative responsibilities became unbearable for him.

“I still love teaching, she explains, I’m still all there, even more than average! But I didn’t want to worry about the rent anymore. Nor from the thousand other annoyances of an SME.

He sold his business to the actor, director and trainer Steve Pilarezik “because he had the same philosophy [qu’elle]the same respect for students “.

“Before, when I was talking to Steve about it, he thought in his head that I was exaggerating a little, but now he’s in it, and there are really … days … when … he can’t take it no more,” he pronounces. , concluding his tirade with a fake exhausted whisper, under the long laugh of the person concerned.

“It’s true!” He confirms.

Out of crisis

They did not have to reimburse the students in April 2020. The session was simply postponed to the following September.

In this spring of 2022 when all health measures have not yet been revoked, the courses welcome less than 10 students, instead of the usual dozen, in order to respect a healthy distance.

“For the moment we are losing 20% ​​of the annual income that we should have in principle,” emphasizes Steve Pilarezik.

“But I organize my things and we get there,” he adds, while the former owner looks at him with an almost pleased smile.

He expresses neither retrospective concern nor concern for osmosis. “I’ve been giving for 33 years,” she says. “And I have full confidence. ”

Undoubtedly, but this trust had to be rebuilt.

aunt Daniela

“I had a terrible 2020,” he says.

His father passed away in October 2020. “I managed my father’s death by myself because my brother and sisters could not enter. ”

She remained a prisoner of the apartment for a long time. She lived in the residence until the end of the lease in June 2021.

“In July I went to Cannes. From there my life completely changed. ”

This is an understatement. The famous red carpet took place up to the selection as Best Supporting Actress at César 2022.

On this momentum, the production company Gaumont suggested to director Clément Michel that he consider Danielle Fichaud for his new film. “She said, ‘Who are you?’ ”

He found out and hired her. In the movie called Happy Christmasdue out in December 2023, he plays the role of a surly.

“I’m the hateful old woman who hates Christmas. An aunt Danielle.”


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