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British television is full of even more sparkling gems than Queen’s. Lots of fleas, The crown, Kill Eve, Luther, Downton Abbey, Broadchurch, Sex education, I can destroy you, black mirror Where is it It’s a shameI forget tons of it, sorry milord, sorry milady.

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Along with that dazzling quality TV, the Brits don’t deny a soap hired at Anatomy of a scandala delicious cooking contest, addicting number-based thrillers like stay close by Harlan Coben or a sulphurous reality show like that The island of love.

In fact, they know how to charm couch potatoes, these Brits, with or without an accent cockney. Their latest offer haunted me all weekend. This is the scary thriller Chloe, which you will find in French and English on Amazon Prime Video. It is solid and very dark. I was obsessed with this miniseries that speaks, in fact, of the obsession in the age of social networks.

But before I forget, and speaking of English TV, here’s the answer to a question I’ve been asked, I’m not exaggerating, 84 times in the last few weeks. Why is Netflix not offering the sixth season of Peaky Blinders in French, while the previous five chapters all offer dubbing in Molière’s language?

The answer: because the French-language rights of Peaky Blinders 6 they currently belong to the Unis television channel, which broadcasts the episodes on Thursdays at 10pm until July 24th. After airing, the episodes are only online for one week on the TV5Unis website.

I’ve been trying to find out when Netflix will release the French version of Peaky Blinders 6, but no one answered my questions. Hello, Netflix, are you there?

Now go back to Chloea psychological thriller that stresses us up to the sixth and final episode. Chloe is in line with Single white female And Gone girlwhere complex and troubled heroines lose touch with reality.

In a seedy Bristol flat, lonely Becky Green (Erin Doherty, aka Princess Anne in The crown) leads a dull and boring existence. This 20-year-old neither ugly nor pretty accumulates temporary jobs as a secretary. She takes care of her mother who is sinking into her dementia. And she spends her hours of sleep flipping through Instagram, including the account of one Chloe Fairbourne, a gorgeous redhead with piercing eyes and Herbal Essences pub hair.

Night after night, Becky delves into Chloe’s digital life. Where does she eat her? Who are you dating? Who comments on their posts? The beautiful Chloe with the Crest smile gravitates into a circle of bohemian bourgeois, local artists and politicians. In short, Chloe embodies everything Becky is not: a fulfilled, wealthy, married and well supported woman.

Becky’s obsession with Chloe reaches the level of Joe Goldberg You when Chloe dies while jumping off a cliff. Even more disturbing: Before jumping to her death, Chloe called Becky at 2:45 am. Sorry? What bond unites these two women with diametrically opposed destinies?

This is where the obsessive spiral goes even deeper. Sucked into a whirlwind, Becky doesn’t understand why a spoiled person like Chloe has decided to commit suicide. Becky then changes her identity – new clothes, new name, new phone – and infiltrates Chloe’s inner circle for explanations.

Each of the six episodes of this gripping thriller reconstructs Chloe’s fateful night using the information Becky collects during her “investigation”, which will prove fruitful, you’ll see. Chloe’s Instagram account went through several filters that distorted the reality of her, it’s not a spoiler to write it down.

The “murder and mystery” aspect of this work is as breathtaking as its well-developed psychological component. Is Becky an opportunist who takes the opportunity to appropriate someone else’s dream life? Are you an involved citizen trying to clear up a suspicious death? Or is she a mythomaniac sociopath suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness?

Becky’s desires, ambitions and traumas are intertwined in episodes related to touch and intelligence. Never Chloe does not venture into the unlikely territory ofInventing Annawhich tells of a type of scam that is certainly funny, but not only bling bling.

With experience, you can almost always guess “who did what” in shows like this one. For Chloe, before starting the last episode, I suspected the end without knowing how the writers would lead us. And it’s not disappointing, I promise.

Throughout the series, we bite our nails furiously as Becky gets entangled in her lies and risks revealing herself to her new friends. Sure, we find her nervous, our poor Becky, but we can’t help but get attached to her, especially due to the trials she went through of her during her childhood.

Many readers still do not know that an annual subscription to Amazon Prime delivery also includes access to the video on demand of the American giant. All you have to do is activate your account and voila, you can order your Tim Hortons Keurig pods while you devour Chloe. coffee and ChloeWould we have found the combination of dreams?


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