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Seriously, how can you not love Gildor Roy? I mean, this versatile 62-year-old artist played good commander Daniel Chiasson District 31played the likeable mechanic in which Germain Langlois km / h and he sings Give me a beak.

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We want Gildor Roy as a father, as a grandfather, as a friend and as a “little button” bottle opener around a bonfire. Special request for guitar: Another hotel room Where is it Go to my headto piecere.

For three weeks, Gildor Roy occupied Patrick Huard’s (refurbished) former loft Tower of VAT. She also installed her pool table there. And how does the actor-host-musician at the helm of this daily talk show behave? Very good. No one here will quote Gildor’s own words for him to take his clicks and slaps and break free, quite the opposite.

The transition between Patrick Huard and Gildor Roy wasn’t brutal. The two men have the same warmth, the same curiosity and the same kindness towards their guests.

This feeling of well-being on the set facilitates confidences, which Gildor Roy collects with a good listening, without falling into a tearful excess of compassion.

Last week, Laurence Jalbert, accompanied by her good friend Marie-Lise Pilote, talked about her opposition disorder, her ADHD, her anxiety, her claustrophobia and her early career, at age 15, where he was (physically) fighting in bars. After giving birth, the singer-songwriter took the longest corridor, it must be said, and she resorted to social assistance to make ends meet.

All this information circulated through Gildor’s apartment building without adding to the atmosphere. This is where the facilitator’s experience is most useful to him. He revives his guests, but he knows when to stop digging. Tower it is arguably the Quebec interview program where there is the least discomfort – and sores – without, however, its content becoming mundane.

With Laurence Jalbert, Marie-Lise Pilote got close to the mourning she made of her work as a comedian (she did the imitation of the Wicked for us, thanks). Bruno Pelletier and Olivier Dion talked about beauty and how they had to manage this aspect of their work. In this same episode, the likeable Bruno Pelletier talked about his anxiety disorders and the anger he has learned to control.

Gildor Roy also spotted a collective unease with the love song I’ll be there for you that Marilou sang, at 13, with the baritone Gino Quilico. “I found it strange Gildor said. Marilou admitted that it was really bizarre for a preteen girl to sing “hypersexualized” stuff. “It makes me feel good that you tell me, I wasn’t crazy,” replied Marilou, who celebrates the 10th anniversary of her business 3 times a day.

Of course, when you see Gildor Roy uttering lightning-fast monologues in the hallway of his building, speaking directly to the camera, you immediately think of Patrick Huard, who has perfected this formula. If Patrick Huard can be more incisive, especially on political issues, Gildor Roy compensates with common sense and humor.

However, the style and tone of the two animators are similar and don’t dig a gap between the two versions of Tower.

An important point to rethink about in the show is the role played by the two neighbors, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc and Alexandre Barrette. A new addition that gives widely varying results. When the neighbors settle down in the living room with Gildor, things are better, even if their presence sometimes disrupts the pace of the interviews. When neighbors do splash around in their apartments, he is less happy.

Honestly, I prefer Alexandre Barrette as a jester Everyone talks about itwhere he has more time to express his talent.

Talking about Everyone talks about it, Sunday’s episode, starring eloquent and brilliant writer Caroline Dawson, was seen by 976,000 viewers. I love it when Guy A. Lepage ends his show with a quiz, like the one put together in Marina Orsini’s honor. Gildor Roy offered a similar one with Farah Alibay a Tower since last Thursday.

Masked singers de TVA remains the most popular Sunday program with 1,512,000 followers, far ahead Double occupancy and its 489,000 fans.

Year after year, Revolution (1,137,000) remains a challenging, exhilarating and fun competition. But when an episode begins, like the one on Sunday, with former champions of another competition (Denys de So you think you can dance in Canada), it cools my impulses. Same thing when Revolution brings back competitors from previous seasons. We will talk Academy of the Stars when manufacturers process all competitors from all past editions of mixmania. Our love then drops below zero.


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