The series that smells of summer, very light


There are TV series and movies that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Christmas with their cheerful bells, their pouring of sweet feelings and their soft snow that never pinches the protagonists’ faces in the form of sleet.

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We look at these bluette with hazy eyes, with the desire to leave Montreal and open a fir farm in a pretty village on the edge of Vermont, where a person from our high school lives who now works in a manual trade.

There is the same type of TV series that smells of salt, of skin that tans in the sun and of fires by the sea. is The summer I got pretty, The summer I became beautiful, in the French version, offered on the Amazon Prime Video service. And it’s very cool, in this very specific kind of learning story, where everything changes during a sunny summer.

From the first episode, we’ve been wanting to book an overpriced cedar shingle house in Nantucket, Ogunquit, or Cape Cod. The summer I got prettywhich derives from the novels written by Jenny Han (To all the guys I’ve loved), takes place in a splendid summer residence in a fictional seaside resort on the American east coast. Think Martha’s Vineyard more than Old Orchard Beach.

This beautiful castle filled with fresh flowers is owned by the wealthy Fisher family of Boston. Fishermen have always spent their summers – idyllic, of course – on the beach with the Conklin family. Mother Fisher, the painter Susannah, has known her mother Conklin, the writer Laurel, since college, and their four children grew up together between Marco Polo games in the inground pool.

Long beach holidays are similar to those in which the heroine, Belly, celebrates her 16th birthday. As in a Britney Spears song, Belly is no longer a child, but not a woman either. Susannah’s two children (she remembers her: she is the bohemian painter who owns the opulent house) now look at Belly with different eyes, and that’s what Belly wants: to get rid of the image of a naive girl with glasses and pins.

Belly begins a summer of flirting, love triangles and the first frozen pomegranate margaritas. It’s a classic cliché, to the limit. The first two episodes (out of a total of seven) appear candy pink, very magazine-like Vanity Fair in the New England aesthetic, but wait. This multigenerational story acquires depth, particularly in the exploration of the complex friendship relationship between the two dissimilar mothers, who have different assholes in their hearts.

There are tensions seething between adults, fights between teenagers and adults, and conflicts between teenagers themselves.

The summer I got pretty addresses current issues such as racism, social class privileges and sexual diversity without sinking into primary education.

It is carried naturally and kindly. And the tone remains light with everything that involves a number of young people living theirs the best beach life on Instagram: black and white film at the cineparc, parties Ukuleles on the beach, jeep rides to crisp pop music, lots of Taylor Swift acoustic songs and midnight swims on a full moon.


The summer I got pretty is a summer series that takes place in a stunning summer residence in a fictional seaside resort on the American east coast.

Adult viewers will fade more in front of the Fishers’ gorgeous kitchen, always gleefully messy and full of dishes sure made by a Provincetown potter.

Parents in this type of program always inherit the thankless role of guardians of morality. Not in The summer I got pretty. The two mothers of Generation X, without becoming irresponsible, indulge themselves in gummy candies jar and wine. And mothers look for food in beach bars where there are worn surfboards and buoys Vintage ▾ hanging on the walls.

Oh yeah, the series also contains a rookie ball and country club storyline which is a lot dirty dancing.

Belly will join the cohort of teenage girls who want to enter society with elbow-length white gloves. Much Bridgertoneverything.

The summer that is beginning promises to be crucial for both Belly and those around him, who do not suspect that this age of innocence is coming to an end. No informants, rest assured.

IS The summer I got pretty is the best series in the world? No. Are you okay with iced tea or a glass of Sancerre? Absolutely yes. Long live the summer and its sweet wind of freedom. The song starts here It’s true by Tame Impala. Or not, the choice is yours!


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