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Sand the Codorniu for $ 13.45! We survived: a) another Siberian-type winter at the time of climate change b) a 42And wave of COVID-19 from the demon and c) the Patio Design radio commercial at 98.5 FM, pleasant as a cold eardrum perforation.

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But, cheers! for us summer is slowly dawning, the surgical masks are falling and a sweet scent of freedom hangs in the air, mixed with the fetid smell of old compost bottoms; this is also what life in the city is about.

This slow exit from the pandemic, after two very difficult years, has pushed the first dominoes on a cascade of departures – not always voluntary, let’s face it – of popular media figures loved by the public. It’s unheard of in Quebec, so many TV and radio stars who switch off their microphones at the same time with a snap of their fingers, like Denis Lévesque at LCN.

As if these entertainers-monuments were announcing to their listeners and viewers: OK, we held out while the virus terrified us, but the time has come for us to leave, thank you for everything.


Joël Le Bigot in the studio at Radio-Canada during his program Saturday and nothing else

The next week will be full of goodbyes and goodbyes.

Joël Le Bigot will leave his radio show Saturday and nothing else Saturday 18 June, Pierre Bruneau will read his latest news on TVA Thursday 16 June, Paul Houde will leave the studio at 98.5 FM on Sunday 19 June and his colleague Jacques Fabi, the most patient man in the station, will answer the phone an ‘ last time Friday 17th June.

The list of future retirees also includes Michel Lacombe (95.1 FM), Denis Gagné (The supermarket) and Pierre Therrien (ICI Musica).

Yes, all white males over 60. So ? These pillars of the world of communications have marked the radio waves, each in their own way. These legends have influenced and shaped the jaw-dropping generation. It is completely normal – and respectful – to greet them, to thank them for having accompanied us for so long.


Denis Lévesque hosted his last show on May 19th.

Because TV and radio are anchored to listening habits and stability, which set the headlights in our routine. Jump in the shower after Chantal Hébert’s political column at 7:15 onwards All one morningwe take the dog out after Paul Arcand’s tour de table at 8 am, we modify our program according to that of Hello.

The slightest change in alignment irritates us. Now imagine the inconvenience caused by replacing a favorite animator who has been in office for years. It is hell.

Station number one for centuries, 98.5 FM is about to go through a period of intense upheaval.

After Bernard Drainville’s surprise exit from CAQ, Cogeco’s conversation channel will lose its king of the waves in two years, when his contract expires. 98.5 FM without Paul Arcand in the morning is a huge hole to fill.


Paul Arcand will leave a big gap at 98.5 FM.

Supreme radio star Paul Arcand, 62, breaks the news. If Paul Arcand addressed a hot topic on his show Since you have to get upyou can rest assured that all of Quebec’s editorial heads gave it to one of their reporters.

Mr. Paul, as my colleague Louise Cousineau called him, conducts close interviews and refuses to hear the answers on tape. We forget, however, that he is able to have fun with his team.

When the director sends funny excerpts between two serious interviews, it happily relaxes the mood. This explains the success of Paul Arcand, this balance between the more “inside” segments and his complicity with his team, which does not seem false at all. Discipline, rigor and explosions of lightness, with a Zen moment and an enigma at stake.

Around the table, we hear that Catherine Brisson, Alain Crête, Esther Morin, Élisabeth Crête, Marc Brière and Bénédicte Lebel are having fun confronting their captain. You can feel it in our cars (yes, I have a car, help me, excommunicate me from the kingdom of Rosemont).

On Radio Canada’s radio, the morning’s co-workers didn’t always click with the host – or with each other – and it was unpleasant to the ears. Passive aggression at dawn dissolves less well in coffee. I have found that Patrick Masbourian gathers troops better than he does.

However, none have Paul Arcand’s agility, flexibility and speed yet. Who will sit in the chair at the beginning of the 2024 school year?

Paul Arcand’s dolphin is called Patrick Lagacé, that’s obvious. Both communicators share the same incisive and direct style.

Over the past year, Patrick Lagacé has developed Quebec now its cooler side along with MC Gilles and Catherine Beauchamp, who rounded off its squarer corners.

For example, 6 o’clock groovy vindredis leads to half an hour of radio which could be twice as long, it’s so enjoyable.

Paul Arcand, Pierre Bruneau or Joël Le Bigot, the media legends office is empty, of course. But you have to free up space if you want to create more legends. To quote from Dungeons and Dragonslegends are not born, they are created (or something like that).


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