The new international career of Rita Baga


Rita Baga says it in an interview: she has to plan her rest times. She is not surprising since she shot the second season of Who can sing? (Noovo) and the new show The resistance in me (Want). And this, before announcing to the whole world that she will be the hostess of the Belgian version of the phenomenon RuPaul’s Endurance Race. The print he spoke to him at the end of a long day’s work in the land of Brel and Angèle.

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Samuel Larochelle

Samuel Larochelle
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From the outset, Quebec Drag specifies that it is strictly forbidden to reveal the filming dates of Drag Race Belgium to prevent the curious from doing research to discover potential participants who no longer appear on stage or on social networks.

However, can you tell us how he got the job. “When I received an invitation to audition for a new franchise in Belgium, I immediately said yes and was very excited. Then I read the message again and saw that it had to be the presenter! I had a hard time concentrating for the rest of the day. ”

The producers did not know, however, that Rita’s alter ego, Jean-François Guevremont, had lived eight months in Brussels to do an internship after completing his baccalaureate in human relations. “In their mind, I was mostly the first French-language finalist in their franchise and had television experience. ”

He revealed his connection to Belgium to them during auditions where dragons from all over the planet, including Belgium, were called up. When she found out that she was going to be the guest, Rita Baga felt like she was floating on cloud nine.

I have always dreamed of making it onto the international stage and I have never hidden my pride in speaking French. So to see that someone like me, originally from the South Shore of Montreal, makes her dream come true, in French by the way, is the apotheosis!

Rita Baga

In French please!

Speaking in the language of Molière, Rita Baga agreed to host in international French. “It’s going to be a little surprising for the Quebecers to watch Drag Race Belgium, because I will almost have a radio Canadian voice, but it is not difficult for me. I have a theatrical background and have never had difficulty making myself understood in Belgium. ”

However, he finds himself criticizing the choice of a non-Belgian person for animation. “I fully understand the concern of people who want a local facilitator. That said, there were the auditions. In the eyes of RTBF, the equivalent of Radio-Canada, and the production of World of Wonder, I made the best impression. ”

The criticisms raised stem in part from blaming RuPaul, the queen mother of the franchise, for not capturing all the nuances of local culture in the UK and Oceania, where she also hosted and judged for several seasons.

In this regard, Rita Baga specifies that she is surrounded by a jury that supports her and that does everything to master Belgian culture.

I have first class syndrome. I don’t claim to know Belgian culture as much as a Belgian, but I make every effort upstream to understand its subtleties.

Rita Baga

Furthermore, the Quebecer intends to appropriate the very formatted concept with its humor and positivism. “Since I’ve been there myself, I want to make constructive and benevolent comments that will be used for the drag. It is a dream for most drag in the world to be a part of this show. We don’t need to add more pressure by being negative. ”

Pay ahead

This humanity also served him when filming The resistance in me which will be released in August. The show, which in no way aims to transform people into drag, aims to support the participants for an important event: the wedding, come out, business start-up, etc. “We help people who need a boost in themselves. Who better than three drag to help them? ”

Rita Baga will be accompanied by Sasha Baga and Petula Claque, colorful, selfless and highly skilled co-hosts. The former has 10 years of retail experience in the clothing world and a background in hairdressing, while the latter teaches makeup artist.

As benevolent as the show is, the co-hosts are sure to raise eyebrows among people who believe stamina takes up too much space. Or those that cancel drag events aimed at young children, like story time hosted by drag queen Barbada.

“It’s all driven by fear and ignorance. It’s a big step back, after so much progress made in recent years. The most despicable thing is that he is often driven by a desire to be politically correct, while Sébastien, behind Barbada, is an experienced teacher. ”

In his eyes, therefore, his abilities cannot be questioned.

“Fear comes from not knowing what it means to be a nuisance. I find it unfortunate that under the label of not wanting to hurt people, we deprive the next generation of access to educational content about acceptance and openness, ”says Rita Baga.


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