Suzie Villeneuve is now a mother


Congratulations are in order, because Suzie Villeneuve just became a mother for the first time!

It was Tuesday afternoon on Instagram that the singer announced that her son had finally shown up, with some touching photos of their first moments together.

The new mom waited a few days to reveal the good news, as she reveals in her post that little Edward was born on June 23. Mom and baby are fine.

In her message she recounts her experience during childbirth, as well as her first days as a mother. She also takes the opportunity to thank all the staff who were present at her side, but also a nurse in particular of her: her sister Lisa.

“Little Edward has arrived 🐣🤗

This little angel showed up on June 23, at 6:26 am.

Here we are, also, a few moments after his birth, to know each other.

Even if I don’t sleep much, I don’t see the time passing. The days are busy and I take advantage of every moment of wonder in front of this little human being who lives so many primates. It is a great privilege to be there for him and to see his eyes light up every day for different things.


What an experience full of emotion and intensity all the same!

I’ve heard all the stories surrounding it for the past 9 months, but experiencing it is so unique and impossible to predict …

And to tell you how grateful I am to all the professionals who accompanied us during the pregnancy follow-up, but also from hospitalization, until discharge a few days later …. Wow !!!

Your craft is magnificent and you are so important in the integrity of each new birth.

Alex and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ♥ ️

I also carry very particularly in my heart, a lovely perinatal nurse full of love to share, who accompanied us with passion and dedication throughout the preparation for the arrival of BB, in the labor room on the day of delivery and who answers my questions every hihi day again

I’m talking about my sister Lisa here.

Thanks dear sister. You are really beautiful to look at in your profession. You often came to see me at the exhibition, but there it was my turn to see you enter your profession.

As a patient I say “thank you for everything” and as a sister I say “I love you”. 😘

In conclusion, the whole family is fine and we would like to thank you for the numerous messages received in recent months. It really warms my heart to read you and feel your presence.

Now I’m back to singing lullabies to BB Edward and I wish you a wonderful end to the day!

See you very soon ”, we can read.

This is the first child for Suzie Villeneuve and her partner, Alex.


Their child is also the first of the Villeneuve family, because we remember that Suzie’s sister, Annie, is the mother of a little girl, little Léa, born in 2013.

We wish the little family much happiness!


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